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TROLLS STRIKE AGAIN: Shia LaBeouf Goes Into Hiding In Arctic. 4Chan Users Find Him Less Than 24 Hours Later.

Shia LaBeouf and his art collective, the creators of the much-tormented #HeWillNotDivideUs project, decided to try to outsmart the users of message boards that have consistently outsmarted them by going into hiding.

For their new project, #AloneTogether, the three artists found three separate cabins in the laplands, an arctic region in northern Finland. From there they hoped to livestream their faces into the Kiasma museum in Helsinki to communicate with museum-goers.

They got outsmarted again.

As Heat Street reports, 4chan, 8chan and Ylilauta (Finnish 4chan) users on the prowl likely found the trio in less than one day; discovering a cabin on the Finland/Sweden border. It just so happens that the cabin is being rented for the same period as the art project. Not only that, but the chairs depicted in photos resemble the ones in LaBeouf’s stream.

As has been documented at The Daily Wire, LaBeouf initially was pranked when he and his group created a secret location for his “He Will Not Divide Us” display in which a camera was focused on a flag reading “He Will Not Divide Us.” 4chan users then replaced the flag with an alt-right Pepe the frog t-shirt and a “Make America Great Again” flag.

LaBeouf’s second attempt was foiled when he placed the flag in Liverpool, England, posting a live stream on LaBeouf’s HWNDU project in which it was announced that the flag had been “adopted” by the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool. Devotees of 4chan and 8chan found the new location, then removed the flag.