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Transgender Who Claimed He Brutally Murdered His Parents Because Of Gender Issues Sentenced To 40 Years

By  Hank Berrien

A transgender teenager who said he brutally murdered his parents because of his issues with gender identity was sentenced to 40 years in jail.

On October 31, 2016, Andrea Balcer, then 17, stabbed his parents, Alice and Antonio Balcer, to death at their home in Winthrop, Maine. Balcer claimed his mother had molested him for years and his father had physically and mentally abused him.

According to, Balcer, born Andrew Balcer, plunged “a hunting knife into his mother’s back as she comforted him in his bedroom. He then slew his father and the family’s Chihuahua because it would not stop barking; he left his older brother Christopher alone. A 911 recording previously played in court almost a year ago recorded Balcer saying he stabbed his father when his father awakened after hearing his wife’s scream. His father fled into the bedroom, where Balcer stabbed him, leaving his father dead face-up on the floor.

Balcer had claimed in September 2018, “I wanted to grow up and be a woman. They kind of sat me down and told me and kind of physically forced into me that that was something that was not acceptable. I spent however many years being raised as a boy, as a man. It was drilled into me what men do, what they’re supposed to be. I was never raised the way I wanted to be. So I am conflicted between the person that I was raised to be and the person who I want to be.”

He added he wanted “people to kind of realize that my family seemed almost perfect on the outside: mother, father, two kids, a couple of animals. Nobody really thought there was anything going on. No one would think that two respectable people would ever do or have done such things. I just want people to know that even when something seems perfect, there might be something much more worse going on underneath.”

But Christopher Balcer, who has moved to Ohio, sent a letter to his brother while his brother was in prison saying he had no intention to forgive him, saying, “I remember the foul things you accused her of, and the looks of horror upon the family’s faces as they heard about them. You are an inhuman creature and the fact that you continue to pretend otherwise sickens me.”

Carl Pierce, Alice Balcer’s brother, told the court that his nephew’s statements that his family did not support him were an “insult to our family, an insult to our society and an insult to the LGBTQ community,” adding, “There was no hatred. There was no malice. There was no ill will. There was resignation to be sure but ultimately there was acceptance. To justify these killings because of sexual identity or gender dysphoria beliefs is truly a cowardly act. Andrea should be ashamed of herself for it.”

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