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Trailer For New Mexican Movie Shows Man Inspired By Trump Murdering Illegal Immigrants

By  Robert

A just-released Mexican-produced movie depicts would-be illegal immigrants from Mexico being hunted and killed by a man while crossing the southern border. The killer, inspired by Donald Trump’s statements – including those regarding “Mexican rapists” – about illegal immigrants, is shown

Described as an “exploitation film” by Jerry Kramer of the Center for Immigration Studies, the film “Desierto” is said to play on “deep-seated fears” felt by Mexicans and other Hispanic people resulting from left-wing characterizations of Donald Trump’s “internationally notorious comments” about illegal immigrants from Mexico and other countries south of the border.

The film’s trailer depicts migrants – presumably from Mexico – crossing into America through a desert. A white man then begins killing them with a sniper rifle. In one brief moment, the crosshairs of his rifle’s scope are seen tracking what appears to be a young migrant child.

The final frame of the trailer declares: “WORDS ARE AS DANGEROUS AS BULLETS”

Jonas Cuaron, the film’s director, spoke with Ramos about the movie some weeks ago. Since the interview, Ramos has said, “There are thousands if not millions of North Americans who feel that they have the absolute freedom to be racists,” seemingly pushing the view that the film depicts a realistic scenario.

The villain of the film, named Sam as an obvious dig at Uncle Sam, is an unshaven white man wearing military-style desert-camouflage pants.

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