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Top Investment Fund Manager For Soros Accused Of Human Trafficking And Brutal Rapes

By  Hank Berrien

A top investment fund manager for George Soros who was featured in the best-selling books Liar’s Poker and The Big Short joined with others as they “conspired together in a human trafficking enterprise exploiting women from around the United States,” a new lawsuit demanding $27 million alleges.

The Daily Mail reports that Howard Rubin, 62, is accused of rape and assault by three models from Florida who claim he induced them to come to an $8 million penthouse in Manhattan where he allegedly drugged and raped them in a “sex dungeon.”

Two of the alleged victims were Playboy bunnies; two of the three women victims claim he bellowed, “I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter,” then attacked them.

The women claim Rubin attempted to hush up the incidents by paying them up to $5,000 each, while his associates allegedly offered funds to cover medical expenses incurred by the injuries he had inflicted.

When Rubin, a Harvard Business school graduate, worked at Merrill Lynch in 1987, the Mail reports, he made “a series of unauthorized trades which cost the company $250 million. The figure was later reported by The New York Times to be as high as $377 million. … When the market plummeted, he was unable to sell them off and incurred astronomical losses for the company. He was fired and the matter was turned over to Wall Street watchdogs but Rubin was never criminally prosecuted.”

In 2008, Rubin began to run a Mortgage-Backed Securities Fund for financier George Soros, run by Soros Fund Management, LLC., leaving in 2015.

The lawsuit refers to four different incidents in 2016. All three women aver they were first contacted by Rubin’s staff on Instagram. Rubin’s associates Stephanie Shon and Jennifer Powers allegedly offered them thousands of dollars and free airfare to appear in photo-shoots and offer him “companionship.”

After two of the women arrived at his penthouse, they allegedly signed NDAs, then reportedly had dinner and drinks with him at the Viceroy Central Park, then returned to the penthouse where they allegedly changed into fetish clothes at his request. He allegedly spiked drinks he gave to them, then allegedly had them enter a dungeon which contained, according to the Mail, “sex toys ‘labeled A-Z’ and ‘a large x-shaped machine with straps, a bench, full-face masks with zippers, and metal hooks.’”

One woman alleged Rubin punched her, stating: “Howie is the daddy. The daddy has to beat his baby.” Another woman alleged he hit her so hard her breast implant “flipped.”

The Mail reports Rubin allegedly slapped one woman across the face; the Mail offers more lurid details from the lawsuit: “Not only had the slap been unexpected and hurt, but [she] had recently undergone a cosmetic treatment to her face, known commonly as fillers, and was concerned that Rubin would damage the treatment.”

Rubin allegedly ordered one woman to hit the other. When she refused, she allegedly was struck, after which he allegedly tied them up, gagged them and said: ‘I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter,” followed by allegedly punching them in the backs of their heads, breasts and rib cages and calling them vile names.

One woman alleges that Rubin shocked her with a cattle prod before raping her himself.

The lawsuit, which also targets Shon and Powers, states, “As it turns out, Powers had recruited many women to participate in the same exchange with Rubin. After Rubin is through with the victims and returns home to his wife and children, it is Powers’s job to soothe the traumatized women and to help make arrangements with doctors to take care of any of the damage that Rubin had done.”

Rubin is married with three daughters.

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