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Top Democrat Strategist James Carville On 2020 Elections: ‘We’re Losing Our Damn Minds’, People ‘Don’t Want To Hear This S**t’
14888_232.jpg_James Carville at the CNN Election Breakfast 2007 at Gotham Hall on October 16, 2007 in New York City.
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Longtime Democratic Party strategist and top Bill Clinton ally James Carville unloaded on the Democratic Party during an interview published on Friday, saying that when it comes to the party’s ideas, the American people “don’t want to hear this s**t” and that Democrats are losing their minds over the upcoming election.

When asked by left-wing Vox why he was “scared to death” of the upcoming election, Carville responded, “Look, the turnout in the Iowa caucus was below what we expected, what we wanted. Trump’s approval rating is probably as high as it’s been. This is very bad. And now it appears the party can’t even count votes. What the hell am I supposed to think?”

“I’ll just say it this way: The fate of the world depends on the Democrats getting their s**t together and winning in November,” Carville continued. “We have to beat Trump. And so far, I don’t like what I see. And a lot of people I talk to feel the same way.”

Carville said he does not know where the party went wrong, considering that it did well in House races in 2018: “Now it’s like we’re losing our damn minds.”

It’s fair to note that after the 2018 races, radical far-left Democrats like socialist Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Ilhan Omar (MN), and Rashida Tlaib (MI) have driven the party increasingly to the far-left.

“We have candidates on the debate stage talking about open borders and decriminalizing illegal immigration,” Carville said. “They’re talking about doing away with nuclear energy and fracking. You’ve got Bernie Sanders talking about letting criminals and terrorists vote from jail cells. It doesn’t matter what you think about any of that, or if there are good arguments — talking about that is not how you win a national election.”

Carville said that if Sanders gets elected, “there’s no chance in hell we’ll ever win the Senate with Sanders at the top of the party defining it for the public.”

Carville then continued to repeat the lie that “18% of the country elects more than half of our senators,” a false statement that he also made on MSNBC.

Newsweek reported that the Republican-controlled Senate seats represent 44% of the U.S. population, not 18% — although the actual number may be as high as 47.19%.

When asked if the party has gone too far left, Carville responded, “They’ve tacked off the damn radar screen. And look, I don’t consider myself a moderate or a centrist. I’m a liberal. … Here’s another stupid thing: Democrats talking about free college tuition or debt forgiveness. I’m not here to debate the idea. What I can tell you is that people all over this country worked their way through school, sent their kids to school, paid off student loans. They don’t want to hear this s**t. And you saw Warren confronted by an angry voter over this. It’s just not a winning message.”

Carville then claimed, without evidence, that Trump was a “career criminal who’s stealing everything that isn’t nailed down out of the White House.”

Carville then went off on the leftist mainstream media over a New York Times editorial board member’s mocking comments about Louisiana State University (LSU) canceling classes for the NCAA football national championship game, saying: “You know how f***ing patronizing that is to people in the South or in the middle of the country? First, LSU has an unusually high graduation rate, but that’s not the point. It’s the g*****n smugness. This is from a guy who lives in New York and serves on the Times editorial board and there’s not a single person he knows that doesn’t pat him on the back for that kind of tweet. He’s so fucking smart. … The Democratic Party has to drive a narrative that doesn’t give off vapors that we’re smarter than everyone or culturally arrogant.”

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