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Top Democrat Pushes Racial Quotas For Incarceration

By  Robert Kraychik

Racial quotas should be implemented in jurisprudence — particularly in convictions and sentencing — suggested Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) during a Monday address to the left-wing and Democrat-aligned Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C.

Disproportionate representation of blacks in criminality statistics is evidence of “deeply rooted racism” across the nation, said McAuliffe.

McAuliffe drew on recent unrest in Charlottesville, VA, to frame blacks as broadly oppressed by “racism” in today’s America:

Let us be clear, this isn’t a debate about monuments. These folks were just protesting in the name of preserving Southern heritage. They want to maintain inequality in everything that they do, from criminal justice to education to housing, and they want to elevate racism to the highest form. So far, unfortunately, the pendulum has swung in their direction.

African-Americans, particularly men, are incarcerated at an alarming rate that is disproportionate. African-American children are more likely to live and attend school in an area of concentrated poverty. At school, they’re disproportionately disciplined and suspended.

And they’ve been the target of legislatures around the country that have pursued policies intended to rob them of their most basic dignity and civic duty: the right to vote.

Restrictions on convicted felons regarding voting amounts to a modern “poll tax,” said McAuliffe, framing such restrictions as products of anti-black racism:

One hundred and fifteen years ago, a felon disenfranchisement, a poll tax, and a literacy test were written into Virginia’s constitution. It is ironic, that in this great country with our imperfect history, we would punish those who made a bad decision for the rest of their lives.

Where would we be as a country if we were only judged by our mistakes?

Why then, do we judge and perpetually punish our fellow citizens who maybe got lost along the way?

Restoring voting access to six million convicted felons across the country is a national imperative, suggested McAuliffe:

This is not just a Virginia problem, nearly six million Americans with felonies around the country today cannot vote … Six million Americans.

Let us also tear down the insidious policies that keep inequality and racism alive in our institutions and in our attitudes. The greatest monuments that we can build to our nation’s core values are not made of stone. …

This isn’t a Democrat or Republican idea, it’s an issue that cuts across economic status, race, origin, age, and political party. Incarceration and disenfranchisement have torn apart far too many families for far too long, and they’ve been used as legal tools to suppress the political and economic rise of our African-American friends and neighbors.

McAuliffe described his broad proposals as a “criminal justice revolution.”

Reducing rates of incarceration was framed as an end unto itself by McAuliffe, with no commentary offered on reducing criminality.

Watch some of McAullife’s comments below.

McAuliffe offered no commentary on widespread single parenthood as a driver of social dysfunction among blacks.

McAuliffe was joined by Deray Mckesson, an informal figurehead of the neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter group and movement; Mckesson partifcipated in a panel discussion following McAuliffe’s remarks.

Hillary Clinton, Democrats, and the broader left-wing movement regularly call for racial, ethnic, and other group-based quotas to be codified within the criminal justice system; broad left-wing consensus exists to subvert the rule of law in pursuit of neo-Marxist perceptions of equality via group-based outcomes.

Throughout his address, McAuliffe intermittently spoke with a forced southern accent and cadence, despite being raised in Upstate New York.

McAuliffe was introduced as a “lifelong entrepreneur” who would combat “racial disparities in convictions and sentencing.”

Last April, McAuliffe restored voting access to over 200,000 convicted felons in Virginia via his gubernatorial authority; Clinton won the state in 2016’s presidential election by a margin of 212,000 votes.

The Brookings Institution enjoys 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, exempting it from federal taxation of its income.

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