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TIME Magazine Cover Insults Trump AGAIN

By  Hank Berrien

TIME magazine, which once was regarded as a publication that simply reported the news but eventually metamorphosed into just another leftist media bastion, has a new cover featuring President Trump staring down at a small immigrant child who is crying.

The caption for the cover? Welcome to America.

A recent cover for TIME had this:

Other covers of Trump have included one showing an abstract face with a wide-open mouth as yellow hair on the figure’s head looks like an explosive fire, captioned, “Year one”; a giant Trump standing next to a crumbling Washington Monument, captioned, “Trump’s war on Washington”; Trump sitting at his desk while documents and his hair are violently blown around, captioned, “Nothing to see here,” and one after he was elected depicting him and captioned, “Donald Trump: President of the Divided States of America.” Plus two other covers showing an abstract orange face with yellow hair melting away; one cover read “Meltdown” while the other read “Total meltdown.”

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