‘This Is Why The Libs Had To Lie’: Michael Knowles Breaks Down The Reason A Real Trans Debate Won’t Happen
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - APRIL 19: Michael Knowles is seen on set of "Candace" on April 19, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee. This episode will air Tuesday, April 26, 2022 (Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)
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Daily Wire host Michael Knowles explained on Wednesday why it was that a real and honest debate about transgenderism couldn’t happen — and why those supporting it continued to lie and distort his words.

Knowles, fresh off an appearance at University of Pittsburgh that ended in a “public safety emergency,” joined podcast host Tim Pool (@timcast) to discuss the situation and why honest debate wasn’t happening.


“There is no such ontological category as transgender people,” Knowles said. “There are people who are confused about their sex, but there is no such thing as a man who is secretly a woman. That’s a false anthropology.”

“This is why the libs had to lie about what I said and change my words and throw explosives at me and burn me in effigy,” he continued. “Because they have no answer to that, because we all know that that’s true. We all know that these men are not actually women.”

Knowles, who was initially scheduled to debate trans-identifying professor Deirdre McCloskey, debated Brad Polumbo instead when McCloskey dropped out just days before the event. He argued that the professor had backed out because there was no intelligent defense against reality.

“It’s a shame because what this event was supposed to be was Michael Knowles debating someone who is transgender,” said event volunteer Logan Dubil. “I was actually really excited for both sides to have a platform. Now this professor dropped out. It’s two conservatives debating, which I think is why people are a little bit more riled up.”


By the time all was said and done, protesters had thrown incendiary devices and burned an effigy bearing Knowles’ face — and Knowles reflected on the event while talking to Pool. He explained that he had found the whole situation funny, noting that he had no real cause to worry: “We take security very seriously.”

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