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‘This Is Terrorism,’ ‘Trump’s America’: Alyssa Milano, Other Democrats Trash Pro-2A Protesters In VA
Alyssa Milano attends the special screening of Liongate's "Bombshell" at Regency Village Theatre on December 10, 2019 in Westwood, California.
Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

On Monday morning, tens of thousands of pro-Second Amendment Americans gathering at Virginia’s capitol to express opposition to a spate of gun control bills pushed through by the Democrat-majority state congress and backed by controversial Democratic Governor Ralph Northam.

The gathering thus far has been completely peaceful, with rally attendees reciting the pledge of allegiance, singing the national anthem, and chanting “USA,” together.

Still, the peaceful protesters were maligned by Hollywood elites and left-wing politicos.

This is what’s happening in Virginia right now,” actress and activist Alyssa Milano captioned a video of gun owners walking to the protest Monday morning. 

“Trump’s America,” she added. “#IStandWithVirginia.”

So! I see a bunch of incel (involuntary celibate) ammosexuals have gathered in Virginia,” former Democratic congressional candidate Pam Keith bashed the protesters. “While I believe in the right of the people to protest peacefully. I reject threatening goon squads. #IStandWithVirgina.”

Left-wing writer Danielle Campoamor said pro-Second Amendment protesters are “f***ing a**hole[s]” with “white privilege,” though the protesters’ racial and ethnic backgrounds are varied. She also accused them of committing “terrorism.”

White privilege is having the freedom to walk around in public with shotguns and AR-15s and handguns strapped to your chest like a f***ing a**hole and not getting gunned down by a single cop,” the writer posted.

“These people are literally walking around in camo and body armor and like seven different guns strapped to their person, all with the intent to and sole purpose of intimidating people,” Campoamor added. “This is terrorism, folks.”

“This is NOT what the founders had in mind when writing the 2nd Ammendment [sic],” said filmmaker and ardent anti-Trumper Morgan J. Freeman. “THIS IS NOT MY AMERICA! #IStandWithVirgina.”

NBC News corespondent Gabe Gutierrez, perhaps accidentally, spread fake news on social media. Captioning a video of rally attendees reciting the pledge of allegiance, wrote: “Chants of ‘we will not comply’ from gun rights protesters in Richmond.”

Mr. Gutierrez kept the post with the incorrect caption up, though he added another video on his Twitter thread: “Earlier posted video of Pledge of Allegiance. For those who’ve asked, here’s the video of ‘We will not comply,.’ Taken seconds apart.”

The protests come in response to three gun control bills passed by the Democrat-controlled Virginia Senate last week. “The three bills that made it through include a law that will allow local authorities to ban weapons from public spaces during some events, another that limits handgun purchases to one a month, and a law requiring background checks for all firearm purchases,” The Daily Wire notes.

Republican Sen. Amanda Chase (Chesterfield) has argued that such gun control bills will keep guns out of good guys’ hand.

“The good guys won’t have the guns,” she said during a debate, last week. “They won’t be able to protect themselves, and we’re basically creating a disastrous situation in which criminals will not follow the law, and it will only hurt and create victims.”

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