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Virginia Gov Declares Emergency Gun Ban For Massive Rally; Here Are The Three Gun Control Laws Prompting Protests
A protestor holds a sign in front of the Virginia State Capitol building in Richmond, Virginia on January 20, 2020. - Thousands of gun rights supporters descended for a rally in the grounds of the State Capitol under heavy surveillance after authorities were forced to declare a state of emergency for fear of violence by far-right groups. (Photo by Roberto SCHMIDT / AFP)

A pro-Second Amendment rally taking place in Virginia’s capital this week is expected to draw tens of thousands of protesters, all gathering in Richmond to express their opposition to a slate of controversial gun control bills pushed through by the Democrat-majority state congress and backed by Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam. Ahead of the rally, Northam declared an emergency weapons ban at the state capitol and law enforcement has gone on high alert, the FBI already making some arrests.

After four out of five Democrat-sponsored gun control bills easily passed the Democrat-controlled Virginia General Assembly last Monday, three of the four bills passed in the Virginia Senate Thursday. The three bills that made it through include a law that will allow local authorities to ban weapons from public spaces during some events, another that limits handgun purchases to one a month, and a law requiring background checks for all firearm purchases,

The bill banning firearms in public spaces and bill limiting handgun purchases passed in the Senate by a razor-thin majority entirely along party lines (21-19), while the background check bill Gainesvilles two Republican votes. Below are descriptions of the three bills via Richmond’s WTKR:

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