‘They’re For Sale’: ‘Avengers’ Actor Mark Ruffalo Is Hulk-Angry At The Supreme Court
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 26: Mark Ruffalo attends the premiere of "Lakota Nation Vs United States" at IFC Center on June 26, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)
Theo Wargo/Getty Images

“The Avengers” actor Mark Ruffalo took aim at the Supreme Court on Saturday, claiming that recent decisions had proven it is a “right-wing ideological political institution” and demanding that the legislative and executive branches act to control it.

Ruffalo delivered his message in a couple of tweets, responding to a HuffPost article that accused the current Court of effectively “rolling back the 20th century.” The article highlighted several recent decisions the author viewed as regressive — namely, the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade, the decision axing affirmative action in the college admissions process, the decision that killed Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, and the 303 Creative decision that came down last week.

“Okay. So we all understand that the Supreme Court has become a right-wing ideological political institution under Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Barrett, Kavanaugh, & Roberts,” Ruffalo declared. “They’re for sale & illegitimate. Now, we have to beat them in the executive branch & the legislature.”

“Organize the vote. They’re taking us backward. We have already left them behind. Now we keep building people’s power. We have the people. We are far more mighty. Hold on tight & keep organizing. Drown out the noise. Keep pushing forward. The only way to freedom is forward,” he continued.

But not everyone was sure Ruffalo had the right idea. Critics quickly responded to his tweets, reminding him that he had not had a problem with a left-leaning court that delivered decisions he agreed with.

“It used to be a left-wing ideological political institution, but you were fine with that,” one said.

“Sounds awful sedition-y there, kiddo, to say a co-equal branch of government is illegitimate,” another tweeted. “It would be a lot easier for you to just say you are throwing a tantrum because you don’t like the Constitution.”

“Guy who gets paid tens of millions to be a CGI voice over would like to school the peasants on the glorious future that socialism will create for us. He keeps his money of course. That’s just assumed,” added a third.

A couple of Ruffalo’s fellow actors weighed in as well.

“Not all actors are like this, I promise,” Matthew Marsden assured his followers.

Robert Davi added, “We must make sure celebrities hear from everyday working Americans and not the indoctrinated haters the education system has infected – Will all express either your support or disagreement with @MarkRuffalo and Why ??!!”


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