‘They Just Said, Oh, Get Somebody Black In There’: Whoopi Goldberg Calls Georgia Senate Candidate A Token
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Whoopi Goldberg said on Tuesday that Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker was essentially a token, claiming that the Republican Party had only nominated him because they needed to have a black candidate in the race.

Goldberg made the comments during Tuesday’s broadcast of the ABC midday talk show “The View,” arguing that the only possible explanation for Walker’s nomination was that the party believed they needed to put forth someone with the right skin color.


Co-host Ana Navarro, who was hired to be one of the show’s Republican voices, was the first to tear into the Trump-endorsed Georgia Republican.

“What we learned with Trump is that there are people who will vote for the party over sanity, over country, over morals, over values, over religion, over truth, over rationale,” Navarro began.

“Well, that’s how he got in,” Goldberg agreed.

“I just can’t believe that’s the best that Republicans have to offer,” Sunny Hostin said, adding that she had a legal note to read, but Goldberg interrupted and continued to talk over her.

“It’s not the best they have to offer, but it’s all they’re giving, and that should tell you something,” she said, adding, “They didn’t even try to find somebody who was — at least had the idea of how to take care of the people of Georgia. They just said, ‘Oh, get somebody black in there … who do you know? Oh, yeah, get him.’ And that’s what they did.”

“That’s what it feels like,” Hostin agreed.

“How else can you explain it?” Whoopi asked.

“I feel that that’s incredibly insulting to African American voters,” Hostin added.

Goldberg insisted that Walker had only won his primary because former President Donald Trump had backed him — and her co-hosts nodded and voiced their approval of her assessment. She then turned to Hostin, directing her to read her previously mentioned legal note before the show’s producers “lose their minds.”


Hostin read the note in monotone, acknowledging that Walker had responded to allegations made by his ex-wife by saying that he was “always accountable” for whatever he had done and that through therapy, he had been able to make changes in his life. He also denied allegations made against him by other women.

“I hope that helps,” Goldberg said in sarcastic tones as the show went to a commercial break.

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