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These Leftist Media Outlets Blamed Global Warming For Hurricane Harvey

CNN, HuffPost, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post and assorted news media outlets recently hyped “climate change” in connection with Hurricane Harvey.

“Climate change” is a euphemism used by leftists for anthropogenic global warming; an assertion that global temperatures are significantly and dangerously rising as a function of the burning of fossil fuels.

The aforementioned news media outlets are pushing a narrative of consensus across “experts” and “scientists” regarding the worsening of Harvey’s impacts as a function of “climate change.”


The uniqueness of Hurricane Harvey — a “one-in-1,000-years type of event, according the CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen — is presented by CNN as evidence of the “climate change” narrative.

CNN references Climate Central — a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that hypes “climate change” to politicians and news media — as a legitimate resource of data linking “climate change” and Hurricane Harvey’s severity.

A Columbia University professor who researches atmospheric and climate dynamic informed CNN via email that “Harvey would have been a huge disaster with or without warming.”


Those rejecting the narrative of “climate change” are “climate deniers,” asserts Steven Cohen at HuffPost.

Cohen heads Columbia University’s “Earth Institute.” His academic and professional pedigree is one of politics and bureaucracy; he received a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in political science and heads Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. He has held assorted governmental positions with the Environmental Protection Agency across his career.

Reducing fossil fuel consumption, asserts Cohen, will beneficially affect the world’s climate:

This past weekend we saw Hurricane Harvey make landfall in Texas. The impact was devastating and is continuing. The storm was made intense by the warmth of the Gulf of Mexico, and the growing population of Texas placed many people in the path of the storm. These impacts and the destruction we are seeing are the new normal. We need to mitigate climate change to reduce the probability that things could get worse.

Those rejecting his views of “climate change” amount to deniers of reality, claims Cohen:

It is clear that the Trump Administration does not accept the facts of climate change, and does not think much about the global challenges of environmental sustainability.


On Monday, MSNBC twice linked “climate change” to Hurricane Harvey, first inviting Neena Satija of The Texas Tribune to push the narrative.

NPR similarly hyped “climate change” as a driver of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in a similar interview with Satija.

Secondly, MSNBC invited The New York TimesYamiche Alcindor to link “climate change,” Hurricane Harvey, Marxist class warfare, and partisan Democrat innuendo:

I just was reporting in Galveston, Texas, and my story was focused on climate change; on the idea that middle class and poor people would be some of the first people hurt by climate change.

There’s this idea that these storms, these hurricanes, are getting worse and worse, scientists say, and that working class and poor people – poor people that voted for Donald Trump that are excited about his presidency, that thought his presidency was gonna improve their lives — that these are the same people that can’t afford to get in their car and drive four or five hours or afford a hotel room to try to escape these floods.

Watch Alcindor’s comments below.

The New York Times

“Scientists are increasingly able to link some extreme weather events to climate change,” asserts The New York Times, “but when it comes to hurricanes, many say there remain a number of unknowns.”

“‘Even without climate change as a factor,’ Dr. Kunkel said, ‘oceans are normally warm this time of year,'” admits The New York Times.

The Washington Post

Eugene Robinson, a permanent fixture of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, connected “climate change” to Hurricane Harvey, asserting that “climate change… likely [made] the storm more powerful.”

Waxing scientific, Robinson frames the “climate change” narrative as axiomatic while framing dissent as a rejection of science:

The science explaining climate change is clear, however, no matter what deniers such as President Trump choose to believe. And it will be political decisions that determine how often we witness scenes of devastation like those in Houston.

Later in his article, Robinson conflates “carbon” with “carbon dioxide.”

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