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‘There’s No Excuse!’: Biden Scolds The Unvaccinated At COVID Briefing, Takes No Questions
WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 04: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting of the White House COVID-19 Response Team January 4 , 2022 in Washington, DC. The U.S. continues to see daily case counts increase in the midst of another winter surge brought about primarily by the Omicron variant. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
Win McNamee/Getty Images

President Joe Biden once again refused to take questions and resorted to blaming unvaccinated Americans during Tuesday’s COVID-19 briefing, referring to the continued spread of the virus as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Biden began by praising the new COVID-19 pill coming from Pfizer, saying that the newly-developed therapeutic would change the landscape with regard to managing the virus. “These pills are going to dramatically decrease hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19. They’re a game-changer,” he said.

He then pivoted to suggest that unvaccinated Americans were expected to drive a surge of hospitalizations, adding that the federal government would supply additional personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals so that they could manage that surge.

Biden went on to say that there was “no excuse” for Americans who continued to refuse the vaccine — and suggested that parents whose children were too young to receive the vaccine should only surround themselves with people who had been vaccinated.

“You know, we’ve reduced the number of Americans without any shots from 90 million to about 35 million in the past six months,” Biden said, waving his hands as he spoke for effect, “But there’s still 35 million people not vaccinated. And let me be absolutely clear: we have in hand all the vaccines we need to get every American fully vaccinated including the booster shot.”

“So there’s no excuse!” he continued. “No excuse for anyone being unvaccinated. This continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. So we gotta make more progress. And for patients who still haven’t gotten your kids vaccinated, please get them vaccinated. Look out for their interests here. It’s the best way to protect them. And for parents with kids who are too young to be vaccinated, surround your kids with people who are vaccinated. And make sure you’re masking in public so you don’t get COVID and give it to your kids.”

Biden concluded by saying that the data had not suggested the Omicron variant was any worse for children than any of the previous variants had been.

NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reported via Twitter that as Biden ended the briefing, he declined to take any questions from the press. “The president declined to answer questions from the small number of journalists observing his remarks on COVID. The questions could be heard,” she posted.

“Biden refused to take questions. Yesterday, Biden said he’d talk to the press ‘later’ but never did,” added Chad Gilmartin, who serves as communications director for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Breitbart White House correspondent Charlie Spiering summed up the situation as follows: “It’s 2022 and Biden and Harris are hosting masked/digital briefings on coronavirus with federal health officials and not taking questions from the media.”

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