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‘The View’ Fawns Over Biden: ‘You Can’t Beat The Fact That He’s Working For America’
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The liberal cohosts of ABC’s “The View” fawned over President Joe Biden during their final pre-Thanksgiving broadcast, arguing that it was clear that the Biden administration was “working for America.”

Whoopi Goldberg began the segment with a clip of President Biden’s Tuesday remarks reassuring Americans that there would be plenty of turkeys available for their Thanksgiving meals and touting his administration’s plan to release 50 million barrels of oil — which will supply the United States for approximately two-and-a-half days — from the strategic oil reserves.

“Families can rest easy: grocery stores are well-stocked with turkey and everything else you need for Thanksgiving,” Pres. Biden said. “And the major retailers I mentioned have confirmed that their shelves will be well-stocked … this holiday season.”

“I’m hoping people are hearing the message loud and clear, because he’s only been in for nine months,” Goldberg began as the clip came to a close.

“And he’s gotten so much done,” cohost Joy Behar interjected.

“I want to say, do you want to tell folks –” Goldberg prompted, and Behar claimed that the list of Biden’s accomplishments was so long that she was concerned she might bore people if she mentioned everything he had done since taking office.

“Bore them, bore them!” Goldberg instructed.

“He signed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill, bipartisan bill, that’s going to fix the bridges and the tunnels and all the things are falling apart. Trump couldn’t do it,” she said, and the audience applauded and cheered.

“What else? What else did he do?” Goldberg asked.

“He got $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan passed in March,” Behar said, and Goldberg agreed, noting that it had given money directly to the people. “Trump made COVID so much worse,” Behar continued.

“Forget him!” Goldberg objected, prompting laughter from the audience. “What else did Joe do?”

“I want to compare and contrast,” Behar pushed back, glossing over the Biden administration’s disastrous exit from Afghanistan as “a little messy” and adding, “He ended the war — the 20-year war in Afghanistan. Thank you very much.”

Behar went on to note that the Biden administration had also canceled student loans for over 300,000 Americans with disabilities

“Yes, he did. That was significant,” cohost Sunny Hostin said, and the audience applauded again.

“These poor kids who were at the border that were separated in the last administration are now – he made sure that he reunited them with their parents in the United States or their country of origin. I mean, to me that’s like one of the worst things you can do to a child,” Behar said, adding, “He returned the U.S. to the Paris Climate Accord. Thank you, we’re all in this together, baby. By the way, the unemployment is down, very much down, and you can’t blame the guy for the pandemic. If you don’t wear a mask, then I blame you, ok? Not him.”

“Or, you’re unvaccinated,” Hostin interjected.

“Basically he’s been doing what his job is, remember when presidents did presidential stuff, so this is apparently what – I know, but, you know, you don’t have to like his politics but you can’t beat the fact that he’s working for America. Just sayin,’” Goldberg concluded as the audience broke out in applause once more.

Hostin said that she had felt reassured by Biden’s positivity and his optimistic tone — something that she felt had been missing for quite some time. She went on to say that she wasn’t quite sure why so many Americans were still planning to cut back in certain areas going into the Thanksgiving holiday — despite reports that continued supply chain issues and inflation would make Thanksgiving 2021 the most expensive on record.

“I’m surprised that Americans are still cutting back so much and I think it hasn’t been optimistic for so long, that people are still stuck in that rut, right, I was and because of the pandemic of course,” Hostin continued, noting that one of the things a number of Americans had said they planned to cut from their Thanksgiving plans was alcohol — mainly due to rising prices.

“But I think you need a little wine for Thanksgiving,” she concluded, appearing to wave off concerns about rising prices for both gas and alcohol.

“It cuts down on the arguing, too,” Behar quipped.

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