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Thank the Russians, Save Your Outrage for Our National Media.

By  John

Over the last few days I have worked diligently to feel the way I am supposed to feel. No, seriously, I have. Like any human being, I am uncomfortable finding myself outside the herd. After all, everyone I know, everyone I respect, everyone who is anyone is outraged over the fact that the Russians have been blamed for hacking into email accounts owned by the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign chief John Podesta.

Oh, I want to be outraged, and I am worried my lack of outrage might mean I am deficient in some way. But I just can’t summon even a smidgen, not even enough to pretend I am outraged. Worse still, if the CIA report turns out to be true…

I am rather grateful to the Russians.

So there is no misunderstanding, Russian President Vladimir Putin is an evil man, the Russian government is not our friend, and the Russians do a lot of bad things — including previous hacks damaging to national security.

And yet… our national media and the Obama administration were nowhere near as outraged over hacks that compromised national security as they are over hacks that exposed The Truth about Democrats.

I am only sorry that our media is so vile the Red Menace can shake things up simply by telling The Truth.

And that is precisely why I cannot summon any outrage — because regardless of how WikiLeaks obtained the DNC/Podesta emails, those emails told The Truth. And as long as there is no compromising of national security, and no violence or threat of violence involved, I am a little lacking in the moral outrage department when it comes to how The Truth is obtained and disseminated.

And yes, I would feel the same way if Donald Trump or the Republican National Committee had received the WikiLeaks treatment.

The Truth is The Truth is The Truth.

With the help of Michael Tracey (read his piece in full), here is what we would not know were it not for those damn, dirty Russkies:

1.The DNC, one of only two major political parties in our country, rigged democracy itself against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton.

2. A CNN staffer, and vice chair of the DNC, leaked debate questions in advance to Clinton.

3. Transcripts of speeches made by Clinton to Wall Street fat cats.

4. Clinton’s true positions on “open borders,” TPP, and holding private positions separate from public positions.

5. Confirmation that the Clinton Foundation is little more than a cash register that serves Bill and Hillary’s bottomless greed.

6. The DNC considered anti-Semitic attacks against Sanders.

7. Our national media is totally and completely in bed with Democrats.

Can someone explain to me how it is a bad thing for the public to learn The Truth about such things, especially when something as serious as a presidential election is at stake?

If you want to feel outrage, how about where it belongs? It used to be that if the Red Menace wanted to cause trouble in America, they had to lie, they had to use spies and disinformation and propaganda and blackmail and subterfuge, and every other underhanded trick in the book.

Well, no more. Now they can just tell The Truth.

And why is that?

Well, go back and read #7.

The reason the Russians can use The Truth is primarily due to the fact that our national media is so corrupted, so co-opted, so utterly useless, so lazy, so scared, so bubbled, so parochial, so enamored with being left-wing pundits rather than reporters, that they no longer investigate major institutions or foundations or politicians who support the MSM’s precious, over-arching cause of absolute government control over the rest of us.

Moreover, does anyone want to bet their house that a number of so-called “journalists” were not already aware of what WikiLeaks revealed? Does anyone want to bet their pension that major figures in the national media chose, strictly to protect Democrats, to sit on that information rather than report it?

I didn’t think so.

So, no, I am not at all upset over the fact that through the Russians I was told The Truth about powerful institutions and individuals with their corrupt hands on the levers of my country and my life. I am only sorry that our media is so vile the Red Menace can shake things up simply by telling The Truth.

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