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TERRIFYING Discovery In Brussels Bomber Investigation

By  Robert

Investigators have determined that the Islamic terrorists in Brussels had plans to attack a nuclear power plant. The discovery was made via 12 hours of reconnaissance produced by the Bakraoui brothers and found within an apartment raided by anti-terrorist operatives.

Within the 12 hours of footage were hours of surveillance of Belgium’s nuclear power chief. A hidden camera was placed in front of the nuclear power chief’s home by the Islamic terrorist brothers. It is believed there were plans to kidnap him in order to gain access to the atomic facility.

Following the arrest of Salah Abdelslam, it is suspected that the Islamic terrorists shifted their target away from the nuclear plant and towards the airport.

French and Belgian authorities have placed their nuclear facilities on the highest state of alert.

Immediately following the breaking news of the Islamic terrorist attacks on Tuesday in Brussels, a major nuclear power plant in Belgium was mostly evacuated.

In February, Belgian security services had discovered that one of the country’s senior nuclear scientists was being secretly recorded.

Weeks ago, Global Risk Insights determined that Islamic terrorists were committed to obtain nuclear materials for the creation of a “dirty bomb.”

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