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Team Obama Claims There Was Nothing New In Israel’s Intelligence Grab From Iran. This Former IAEA Deputy Director General Explodes That Myth.

After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced last week that Israeli intelligence had spirited an astonishing 183 discs containing 55,000 pages of documents and 55,000 files dealing with Iran’s nuclear program out of Iran, members of former president Barack Obama’s administration came out of their well-deserved obscurity to denounce Netanyahu’s claim that there was new information revealed in the documents. That claim was then parroted throughout the mainstream media.

Guess what? Netanyahu was correct, and Team Obama was, as usual, wrong.

Writing in an article for the Australia/Israel & Jewish affairs council (AIJAC), Tzvi Fleischer and AIJAC staff note, “Former Deputy Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Olli Heinonen was among the first to define the material Israel exposed as a ‘jackpot.’ While he said he had seen some of the documents revealed by Israel before, he added that ‘there was also new information.’”

Additionally, David Albright, a former U.N. weapons inspector and nuclear physicist, detailed on a Wall Street Journal podcast interview some of the new information, including:

Iran, which had promised to denuclearize under the JCPOA, hid a “sleeping” nuclear weapons program. Fleischer and the AIJAC staff write, “The purpose of this new program was to keep alive capabilities and know-how to manufacture the bomb, including by assigning people with relevant expertise scientific work to keep their knowledge up to date for that purpose. This program went underground and was maintained so it can ‘pop up’ again at will to quickly resume efforts to produce nuclear weapons.”

Albright added that the fact that Iran maintained the archive proved Iran has directly breached JCPOA; he noted “there is language in the JCPOA about being exclusively for peaceful use. It’s hard to see how this [the archive] is consistent with this pledge.”

The article also notes that Section T of the JCPOA is devoted to banning nuclear weapons-related activities. The JCPOA requires “that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop or acquire any nuclear weapons.” Albright pointed out that by appointing Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizade, the former head of the weapons project (AMAD), to be in charge of the clandestine “stewardship” program, an ongoing activity program “contributing to nuclear weapons” is engineered and thus creates a violation of Section T.

The article explains that JCPOA requires Iran to be transparent about all aspects of its past atomic work, including declaring all equipment used for it and having it inspected. But photos and documents in the archives show the Iranians have been anything but transparent. Albright said, “What you have in the new information acquired by the Israelis is a bunch of other equipment that would be subject to section T that was actually used in a nuclear weapons development program. So, where is it now?” Heinonen himself noted the previously unknown nuclear equipment discovered by Israel, saying, “They must have manufactured pieces of equipment in Iran. Where are those pieces? Who is keeping them?”

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