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Tapper Blames Trump For Leftist Violence

Essentially placing blame on Donald Trump for violence and intimidation used by left-wing agitators to successfully shut down a campaign rally of his in Chicago, CNN’s Jake Tapper repeatedly asked the Republican front-runner whether he should be “taking down the temperature” of his campaign. Ignoring the growing trend of left-wing riots used to destroy free political speech, expression, and assembly, Tapper sought to push the counterfeit right to not be offended.

“The point is Mr. Trump, that people are getting hurt and people are actually concerned that somebody might get seriously injured before this is all over, and that you are not taking down the temperature. You are, in the views of many of your fellow Republicans making things worse, inciting, encouraging violence, and you’re a leader sir, you’re the leader of the Republican Party,” pleaded Tapper.

Endorsing the heckler’s veto, Tapper follows his left-wing employer’s tradition of facilitating and sanctioning violence and destruction of property carried out by leftist mobs while blaming political opponents such as Republicans, conservatives, Christians, and right-wingers for the behavior of the left. Stripping leftist malcontents of agency, violence they perpetuate is described as a force of nature that can only be prevented via right-wing acquiescence.

CNN has been promoting left-wing mob violence for years, most prominently during the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter movements. Other times, when deemed politically inconvenient, CNN ignores left-wing political violence, such as was the case when a violent left-wing mob partially shut down a speech by The Daily Wire’s own Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro at California State University Los Angeles.

No questions were asked about the growing prevalence and intensity of left-wing violence and intimidation used to shut down dissenting events. Also ignored was the metastasizing culture of left-wing self-censorship dubbed “political correctness.” No analysis was dedicated to the inability and/or unwillingness of police officers in Chicago to protect the peace and allow for free assembly.

CNN and operatives like Tapper are doing their part to wage political war against the right to free speech and expression, while simultaneously implying the existence of counterfeit rights such as the right to not be offended.

Seizing on the left-wing narrative, an “anti-Trump” PAC founded by Mitt Romney’s 2012 deputy campaign manager Katie Packer released an ad on Saturday casting the New York City billionaire as an inciter of violence.

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