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Tanden: Russia ‘Hacked This Election… To Get [Trump] Elected’

By  Robert Kraychik

On Sunday, Clinton loyalist Neera Tanden pushed the narrative of 2016’s presidential election being compromised by Russian interference in order to undermine the legitimacy of President-elect Donald Trump’s pending presidency.

Joining left-wing CNN as a panelist on State of the Union, Tanden claimed that Russia “hacked [the] election” for Trump’s benefit:

“I want [Trump] to state clearly what the intelligence agencies have now said to him to his face, which is that Russia hacked this election in order to get him elected; help him win. I don’t understand why he cannot simply acknowledge that fact. He had his intelligence briefings. He’s still misstating facts. He said they only went after Democrats. They never went after Republicans. They did go after the Republicans. They haven’t released that information and so I have to say I do not understand why he will not basically state these facts, and the fact that he won’t makes me worried and that’s why I think that it’s a little ridiculous we haven’t had a single investigation out of the House.”

Tanden’s claim that the election had been “hacked” received no pushback from left-wing CNN Democrat and State of the Union anchor Jake Tapper. Tapper presents himself as an objective, good faith, non-partisan journalist.

As head of the Center for American Progress (CAP) – a neo-Marxist agitation outlet and political arm of the Clinton family – Tanden spoke without irony about “fake news” directed to “undermine our democracy.” Founded by John Podesta in 2003, CAP operated as a de facto political action committee of Hillary Clinton’s two failed presidential campaigns.

Tanden also called on Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) to initiate congressional investigations into Russian political influence operations while questioning Ryan’s patriotism:

“[Russia] tried to get Donald Trump elected. That’s why it’s a big deal. When the Russians come into the United States, steal data and — it’s not only that. The intelligence agencies talked about fake news, it’s a whole array of forces to undermine our democracy. I just — I can’t understand why people who have been claiming to be patriots and putting our country first won’t take action. Why won’t Speaker Ryan take action?”

At no point did Tapper offer discussion of the Clintons’ financial connections to foreign governments, businesses, or organizations.

In a later segment, Tanden described Clinton as committed to helping “kids and families:”

“I think [Clinton’s] gonna figure out ways to help kids and families. That’s been what she’s been focused on her whole life… I think her job is to, what she’s thinking about right now is how to help serve kids and families as she has her whole life.”

Watch the segment below.

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