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Suspended HuffPost Writer Fears For His Life: ‘I’m Not Suicidal’

A Huffington Post contributor whose publishing access was abruptly blocked by the neo-Marxist news site took to YouTube on Sunday night to express fears that unspecified forces may try to hurt or kill him.

The Huffington Post revoked the account and publishing access of Dan Seaman on Sunday after he published articles inquiring about Hillary Clinton’s health. Left-wing and Democrat-aligned media outlets have derided such lines of inquiry as “conspiracy theories.”

One of Seaman’s articles, since pulled from The Huffington Post, has been cached and can be viewed here.

Seaman’s YouTube video can be seen below:

Seaman begins explaining what happened on Sunday.

“I feel I have to document this. It’s chilling. I still haven’t really absorbed it because The Huffington Post, where I was a contributor, they have revoked my publishing access and they have deleted both of my articles that were published earlier over the weekend. Both of my articles have been pulled without notice of any kind, just completely deleted from the internet. Both of those articles mentioned Hillary’s health.”

Seaman then expressed concern about his own security. He declares himself to be of sound mind, and that viewers should be suspicious if something unexpected were to happen to him.

“It’s frankly chilling. I’m a little scared. I’m doing this video also to say I am not suicidal right now, I’m not a particularly clumsy person. I don’t own a car, at the moment, I Uber everywhere, so if I am to slip in the shower over the next couple of days or something silly like that, we have to really, kind of, employ probability and statistics here, because I’m not a clumsy person, right? And I’m also not a depressed person, right now. I’m a person who’s spooked out, though. This is spooky. To me, this is extremely spooky. I don’t like it.”

Describing what happened to him as “Orwellian,” Seaman provides his views of widespread media bias concocted to benefit Clinton’s presidential campaign.

“What’s happening with some of the media companies and their coverage of this election, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s scary how they’re not even book guests to give opposing views. It’s just these non-stop propaganda segments against Trump about how he’s so racist, and these, like, emotional knee-jerk points over and over again that he’s racist, that he’s sexist, and he’s this and he’s that.”

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