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Susan Rice, CNN’s Jim Sciutto and YOU WON’T BELIEVE How Many Democrat Operatives Infest the MSM

With the news that Barry Obama’s top Trump-spy, Susan Rice, and her chief protectors within the MSM (especially CNN’s Jim Sciutto) are involved in all kinds of political-MSM incest, this seemed like an opportune time to revisit the overall topic of just how many former-Democrat operatives work within the national media, as well as how many relatives of Democrat operatives work within the media.

This list has nothing to do with opinion pundits like Josh Earnest at NBC News or Karl Rove at Fox News, who declare their biases up front. This list has nothing to with Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow, hosts of opinion shows who declare their biases up front. If everyone declared their biases, the national news media would be the least of America’s problems.

Instead, what we have is a news media that disguises itself as unbiased even as it infests itself with former-Democrat operatives and the relatives of Democrat operatives. These left-wing plants are everywhere within the MSM, both on-the-air and behind the scenes in high-level executive jobs. Some at the very highest levels.

Let’s start with the fact that three of the four current Sunday shows are hosted by former-Democrat operatives.

CNN’s Jake Tapper

Before hosting Sunday’s “State of the Union” and “The Lead” on weekdays, Tapper worked as a Campaign Press Secretary for a Democrat congresswoman. He also worked for a gun control advocacy group.

Oh, and the Congresswoman Tapper worked for is no less than Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law, which helps to explain a lot.

NBC’s Chuck Todd

Before hosting Sunday’s “Meet the Press” and “Meet the Press Daily” on weekdays, Todd worked for hard-left presidential candidate Tom Harkin.

Todd is also married to a Democrat party strategist.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos

Before hosting Sunday’s “This Week” and “Good Morning America” on weekdays, Stephanopoulos was a high-level operative for President Bill Clinton

CNN’s Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto

Former Obama appointee in foreign affairs, Sciutto is a former colleague of Susan Rice’s. Without knowing all of the facts and using sources identified as “people close to Rice,” Sciutto has absolved her of all wrongdoing.

ABC News Correspondent Gloria Riviera

Married to former-Obama appointee Jim Sciutto

Former-ABC News Executive Producer (2008-2011) Ian Cameron

Married Barry Obama’s right-hand-woman and National Security Adviser Susan Rice in 1992

CBS President David Rhodes

Brother of Obama Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes

ABC News Reporter Claire Shipman

Wife of Obama’s White House Press Secretary Jay Carney

Former-ABC News and Univision Reporter Matthew Jaffe

Married to Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary Katie Hogan

ABC President Ben Sherwood

Brother of Obama Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood

CNN Vice President and Washington Deputy Bureau Chief Virginia Moseley

Married to Hillary Clinton Deputy Secretary Tom Nides

CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo

Brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

NPR Reporter Ari Shapiro

Same-sex-married to Michael Gottlieb, who worked as a lawyer in the Obama White House

Washington Post reporter Sari Horowitz

Married to William Schultz, general counsel for Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services

NBC News Senior Political Editor Mark Murray

Married to Sasha Johnson, Obama appointee at the FAA

PBS’s Bill Moyers

Former White House Press Secretary for Lyndon Johnson

Former-Politico/Bloomberg Reporter Jonathan Allen

Worked for Democrat Congresswoman and former-DNC head Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

And I am probably missing a few.

Regardless, add to this the knowledge that only 7% of journalists claim to be Republicans, less than half of what it was in 2002 and about a quarter of what it was in 1971.

In the most recent presidential election, 96% of media donations went to Hillary Clinton.

The fact that media bias is getting objectively worse is a feature, not a bug. Increasingly, the elite national media is becoming more and more of a left-wing cult where any journalist who dares color outside the lines is brutalized by the collective as an apostate.

Just ask Eli Lake, the Bloomberg News reporter who broke open the Susan Rice spying scandal. Once a member-in-good-standing with the national media, his inconvenient reporting is currently either being ignored or outright smeared as “false” 24/7 by CNN.

Like an immune system would a virus, the mainstream media has set itself up as an organism designed to eliminate and expel right-of-center thought and ideas. You’re either on the team, you either say the correct things, express the correct ideas and stay on the Narrative Plantation, or you will be slandered as a racist/liar/lunatic.

This close-minded and provincial approach chases away diversity of thought, which is the whole idea.

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