Susan Rice Attacks Trump For A ‘Series Of Lies, The Disgraceful, Despicable Lies This President Tells’
Susan Rice, former U.S. national security advisor, listens during a Bloomberg Television interview in New York, U.S., on Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019.
Photo by Christopher Goodney/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Susan Rice, the former national security advisor to former President Barack Obama as well as the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, who may be most famous for claiming that the 2011 Benghazi terrorist attack was precipitated by a video, has weighed in on the 2020 election, snapping that it is to “remove Donald Trump and consign him and those who have supported him in the Senate to the trash heap of history.” Rice attacked Trump for a “series of lies, the disgraceful, despicable lies this president tells.”

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC brought up Mary Elizabeth Taylor, assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs,  who submitted her resignation Thursday, prompting Rice to sound as if she were angling for the vice-presidential slot under presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as she maligned members of the Trump administration, saying, “To serve an administration which has been racist to its core for he last 3 ½ years, from comparing the peaceful protesters at Charlottesville to white supremacists, calling white supremacists ‘very fine people,’ all the way through to the recent weeks where the administration has disparaged the Black Lives Matter movement, disparaged the peaceful protesters, and basically made plain that they prefer to stand by a confederate legacy than a modern America, it’s been an administration whose record on race has just been disgraceful.”

Rice continued, “So while I respect the fact that belatedly, this assistant’s secretary, Ms. Taylor, has recognized how unconscionable that is, and decided she can no longer serve, what we’ve seen in recent days is not that different, frankly, from what we’ve seen over the course of the last 3 ½ years.”

Mitchell then played a clip of Trump saying Obama and Biden had not tried to execute police reform during their tenure.

Rice sneered, “I shouldn’t be laughing because the series of lies, the disgraceful, despicable lies this president tells, seems to know no end. This is just one more in a series of disgraceful lies. The record of the Obama-Biden administration on police and criminal justice reform is very well know. Among the many steps that were taken during the Obama-Biden administration were to limit the transfer of military equipment to police departments; to enforce consent decrees; to launch pattern and practice investigations against police departments that had engaged in a history and a pattern of racism and brutality.”

She continued, “And the Trump administration is very well aware of all those reforms because they came in and systematically undid them from the very beginning of the administration. So to claim that the Obama-Biden administration did nothing is a bald-faced lie, and it’s underscored by the fact that now the president has undone those reforms and is now scrambling in a very superficial, half-hearted insufficient way to try to get on the right side of this issue.”

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