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SURVEY: The Best Airlines In The World

By  Hank

The Passenger Choice Awards have released the results of their survey regarding which airlines offer the best flying experience, and some big names are missing from the top of the list. The awards separated the airlines into two groups: the North and South American airlines and those serving Europe. The big winners in North America were Delta, Alaska Airlines (which now also owns Virgin America) , Southwest and Jet Blue. In Europe, Russia’s Aeroflot, Virgin Atlantic and Norwegian Air dominated.

As The Daily Mail reported, “The regional winners were selected by the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) based on passenger feedback and insights gathered through the travel-planning app, TripIt. Using a five point scale, nearly one million flights were rated by passengers across 428 airlines from around the world between 24 October 2016 and 31 July 2017.”

Among airlines serving North and South America, the winners’ list looked like this:

Seat comfort: Virgin America

Cabin service: Southwest

Food and beverage: Alaska

Entertainment: Virgin America

Wi-Fi: JetBlue

Global for North America: Delta

Major regional for North America: Alaska

Low cost carrier for North America: Southwest

Global for South America: LATAM

Major regional for South America:Avianca

Low cost carrier for South America: Azul

For Europe:

Seat comfort: Aeroflot Russian Airlines

Low cost carrier for Europe: Norwegian Air

Cabin service: Virgin Atlantic

Food and beverage: Virgin Atlantic

Entertainment: Iceland Air

Wi-Fi: Norwegian Air

Global for Europe: Aeroflot Russian Airlines

Major regional for Europe: Olympic Air

Low cost carrier for Europe: Norwegian Air

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