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Supreme Court Throws Out Travel Ban Ruling

By  Joseph Curl

So much winning.

President Trump won yet another battle when the Supreme Court late Tuesday tossed out an appeals court ruling that struck down his previous temporary travel ban targeting eight Muslim-majority nations that are known terrorist hotbeds.

Even though the ban had already expired (and been replaced by a new one), the ruling was a moral victory signifying that Trump and his administration had been within the law and the Constitution when taking action to protect America.

“In a one-page order, the court acted in one of two cases pending before the nine justices over Trump’s travel ban, a case from Maryland brought by the American Civil Liberties Union, which sued to stop the ban contained in a March executive order,” Reuters reported.

The justices were unanimous in deciding against ruling in the Maryland case, although one of the liberal justices, Sonia Sotomayor, noted that she would not have wiped out the appeals court ruling.

The justices had been scheduled to hear arguments in the case on Tuesday, but removed it from their calendar after Trump’s 90-day ban expired on Sept. 24 and was replaced with a reworked ban.

The expired ban had targeted people from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan. The new open-ended ban, scheduled to take effect on Oct. 18, removed Sudan from the list while blocking people from Chad and North Korea and certain government officials from Venezuela from entering the United States.

Last month, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy issued a temporary order blocking a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that would have limited Trump’s travel ban.

The “administrative stay” issued by Kennedy on September 14 puts on hold the ruling from the liberal federal appeals court which said the ban wouldn’t cover refugees working with U.S. refugee agencies and other refugees “covered by a formal assurance.”

The ruling allows the Trump administration “to exclude most refugees from entering the United States while the Supreme Court considers challenges to its revised travel ban,” The New York Times wrote.

So much winning.

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