Steve Forbes Reveals He Was Assaulted At Event For Non-Woke Book ‘Stolen Youth’
Forbes Publisher Steve Forbes was assaulted at a book event for "Stolen Youth"
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The effort to suppress an explosive new book on the Left’s efforts to indoctrinate young kids took an ugly turn Wednesday night when protesters allegedly assaulted media magnate Steve Forbes at a promotional event.

The CEO of Forbes Media told Fox News he was at a Manhattan launch party for “Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation,” when protesters threw drinks at him and knocked over a book display. The book, by Bethany Mandel and Karol Markowicz, explores the “ideological war waged against America’s youth,” and how parents can protect their children from coming under the sway of the woke Left.

“I was talking to co-author Bethany Mandel near the counter where the books were on display. Suddenly a woman seemingly out of nowhere was angrily yelling almost incoherently about matters that weren’t related to the subject of the book,” Forbes told Fox News Digital. “The books themselves were pushed off the counter loudly landing on the floor while simultaneously she tossed a drink our way.”

Forbes, a conservative activist and onetime presidential candidate, quipped that “a dark suit was an advantage in a situation like this.”

Karol Markowicz and Bethany Mandel

The incident was detailed by The Daily Wire on Thursday, but Forbes’ account was not previously reported.

Markowicz told The Daily Wire she saw “two wild-eyed young white women run up to our party and scream ‘black lives matter!'”

“They threw their drinking glasses at the wall where our books were displayed and ran off,” she said.

“Suddenly I heard screaming, had books thrown at me, and I was soaking wet,” Mandel told the outlet. “I realized young women with short, dyed blue hair were screaming at us ‘black lives matter, trans lives matter!’ I tried to talk to them, but they ran off.”

The Daily Wire

The Daily Wire

Stolen Youth,” published by DW Books and released March 7, seeks to uncover and examine the tenets of the Left’s ideological war waged against America’s youth and equips parents to break free from the stranglehold and fight back.


“Our book is a calm, rational take on the indoctrination and forced conformity happening in America today and the way it is aimed at children,” Markowicz noted. “Their protest proved our point.”

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