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Stelter Calls For Media Jihad Against Trump

On Sunday, left-wing CNN Democrat Brian Stelter echoed the call for left-wing news media unity to undermine the incoming Trump administration in the name of good faith and honest journalism.

Stelter made his case as anchor of Reliable Sources:

“Tell the truth, pleasant or unpleasant. Today’s program is about this message… The words are especially important today… because President-elect Donald Trump does not respect dissent. He attacks truth-telling journalists, and he bullies critics. He may think this is a winning strategy for him, but the rest of us lose. Let’s face it, these are challenging times for journalists, very challenging times, and they’re about to get more so five days from now.”

Watch Stelter’s admonition to journalists and his broader audience below:

Despite presenting himself as an objective and non-partisan media analyst on CNN, Stelter regularly avoids and even denies widespread left-wing and partisan Democrat biases across the American and broader global English-language news media landscapes.

Stelter also positions himself as a defender of the First Amendment – focusing particularly on the amendment’s provisions for a “free press” – while ignoring attempts by leftists and Democrats to undermine it via legislative and bureaucratic restriction, Supreme Court reinterpretation to further its limitations, and its essential repeal via constitutional rewrite.

Stelter regularly describes Fox News Channel as a “conservative” and “right-wing” news outlet that is heavy on opinion, while framing CNN as almost entirely committed to unbiased, objective, non-partisan journalism and political balance.

In November, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour made a similar call for left-wing news media unity in opposition to President-elect Donald Trump and dissidents who reject the dominant neo-Marxist worldview of many politicians, news media personalities, and entertainment celebrities.

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