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STAY CLASSY, U.N.: UN Displays Giant Picture Of Anti-American Mass Murderer In Their Geneva Offices

On Thursday, Hillel Neuer, the executive director of UN Watch, a U.N. watchdog group, tweeted a picture from the United Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland, which showed exactly how morally corrupt the United Nations truly is.

Neuer posted the picture of a giant photo of mass murderer Che Guevara that stands in the hall of the Geneva building, which is home to the second largest U.N. office in the world, only surpassed by the U.N. building in New York City, and is also the home of the corrupt U.N. Human Rights Council.

For those unaware of the vicious history of Guevara, here’s a primer from various sources:

Guevara, who was Fidel Castro’s executioner, once stated, “To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary. These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution. And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.”

As Jay Nordlinger wrote in National Review:

Who was he? He was an Argentinian revolutionary who served as Castro’s primary thug. He was especially infamous for presiding over summary executions at La Cabana, the fortress that was his abattoir. He liked to administer the coup de grace, the bullet to the back of the neck. And he loved to parade people past El Paredon, the reddened wall against which so many innocents were killed. Furthermore, he established the labor-camp system in which countless citizens–dissidents, democrats, artists, homosexuals–would suffer and die. This is the Cuban gulag. A Cuban-American writer, Humberto Fontova, described Guevara as “a combination of Beria and Himmler.” Anthony Daniels once quipped, “The difference between [Guevara] and Pol Pot was that [the former] never studied in Paris.”

Nigel Jones noted of Guevara, “As boss of the notorious La Cabaña prison in Havana, he supervised the detention, interrogation, summary trials and execution of hundreds of ‘class enemies.’”

Collegiate Times wrote in 2008:

In 1964, Guevara got a hero’s welcome in New York City as he spoke to the United Nations and bellowed, “Executions? Certainly, we execute! And we will continue executing as long as it is necessary!” As he was rushed from one socialite party to the next that night, New Yorkers gushed over him. Only after he left America did the New York Police Department discover his plot with the Black Liberation Army to blow up the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, and the Washington Monument.

But to the America-hating United Nations, genuflecting before the picture of an inveterate America-hater is perfectly consistent with the usual rhetoric emanating from the organization. As recently as two weeks ago, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, China and Russia opposed the U.S. by claiming they were defending the U.N. charter by supporting the corrupt and brutal Venezuelan government led by Nicholas Maduro against the Trump Administration, which is determined to see Maduro and his despotic regime be replaced.

Jonathan Wachtel, who was director of communications for Ambassador Nikki Haley at the U.N., told Fox News, “It is telling to see that these defenders of Maduro at the United Nations happen to be representatives of governments that have been accused of securing power for themselves rather than allowing the democratic process to give them legitimate power.”

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