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Stand-Up Comedian: 10-Year-Old Barron Trump A ‘Date-Rapist-To-Be’

Stand-up comedian Stephen Spinola decided he would join in the attacks on 10-year-old Barron Trump last Friday, as his father Donald Trump was being inaugurated.

In two tweets he later deleted, Spinola offered these gems of humor: “Barron Trump looks like a very handsome date-rapist to be,” and, “I don’t want my Mom to get raped, but if she does I hope it’s by Barron Trump. Small pp [sic] would be painless and we’d win lots of money in court.”

Threats started mounting, according to Spinola:

The comedian tweeted an apology: “I believe in Math and the stats are saying I made a bad joke. I truly apologize if it hurt Barron Trump’s feelings. And thats all I can say.”

After Infowars wrote inaccurately in a story that Spinola was a writer for Comedy Central, and created an online petition calling for Comedy Central to fire him, over 100,000 people signed the petition.

Comedy Central issued a tweet declaring Spinola had never worked for them:

Spinola responded:

Comedy Central fired back:

Spinola responded:

Spinola claimed he has received numerous death threats:

By Thursday, Spinola had changed his mind about his apology:

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