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Spokeswoman For Hillary’s 2016 Campaign Rips Esquire For Calling White High School Student ‘American Boy’

By  Hank Berrien

A woman who served as a national spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and worked for Barack Obama in both the White House and on his re-election campaign ripped Esquire magazine for titling a story about a white male heterosexual high school student, “An American Boy.”

Zara Rahim, currently overseeing communications for “The Wing” and former communications director for Vogue magazine before she was laid off, took issue with Esquire for the piece, which was subtitled, “Ryan Morgan, a high school senior in Wisconsin, at home: ‘I know what I can’t do, I just don’t know what I can do.'” Rahim railed, “Imagine this same ‘American Boy’ headline with someone who looked like Trayvon talking about what it’s like to have your mother sit you down to tell you how to stay alive in your own city during Black History Month. Just imagine. Shame on you, @esquire.”

She followed with another tweet, writing, “The editorial choice to use ‘American Boy’ to describe a white, cis, Republican teen is gross negligence in 2019.”

Rahim has said the people she most admired in politics were Sen. Elizabeth Warren, President Barack Obama, and Sen. Ted Kennedy. But she apparently has a deep and abiding hatred for President Trump, as evidenced by a long Twitter thread breathlessly describing Rahim going to a public restroom with pop star Rihanna that somehow climaxed with an attack out of nowhere in which Rahim attacked Trump as a “xenophobic, homophobic, racist president.”

Rahim began, “I had a very long day so as a form of Twitter therapy I wanted to share a story about @rihanna and the time we used a public restroom together.”

She continued, “Rihanna came to an event she was scheduled to speak at just over a year ago. She late. She was very late. (for the record: she can be late, she’s Rihanna, and she was wearing Margiela.)”

Then this vital piece of information: “Rih really needed to pee when she arrived. I told her we could take her to the private restroom upstairs. Nope. Too far. She was going to use the closest one. The public restroom.”

Describing the ordeal ahead: “Extremely nervously and in a full internal spiral, I lead her to the women’s restroom, knowing there was going to be a lot of women in there because the attendees were waiting for her to close the day out and taking a break from sitting in the room idly until she started.”

Yup, it was going to be tough: “Sure enough, a line. Oh god, this is bad. No security. Just *Zara and Rihanna* heading into a public ass restroom packed with Navy of varying degrees — but all definitely Navy.”

But wait: it might be okay after all: “The women were so slow to realize what was happening — just from the pure shock. Once things registered, I swear to God I’ve never heard noises emitted from women’s bodies like that. Imagine something I can only describe as something between screaming, crying, joy, and confusion?”

A paean to Rihanna: “Rihanna was *not* gonna skip the line. She waited!!!!! She made small bathroom like talk!!!!! She’s just like that except way hotter, richer and better smelling!!!! A real woman’s woman!!!!”

The drama was reaching its climax: “This was a very small bathroom. Three stalls. Maybe four. She was waiting for a stall to open up and I’ll never forget the woman who opened the stall door and her mouth dropped. Rihanna was standing there. *Waiting to use the toilet she just used*”

And then, the moment: “Rihanna, without skipping a beat, looking directly at this very shocked woman, in her extremely Rihanna way, says “I hope you didn’t take a s*** girl!!!!!”

Rahim continued as she descended from the mountaintop:

Finally, to conclude the thread, this furious attack on Trump:

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