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‘SPOILED!’: Twitter ROASTS U.S. Olympic Skiers After They Bail Out Of Team Competition

By  Emily Zanotti

Twitter users are roasting the U.S. Olympic ski team after stars Lindsey Vonn, Ted Ligety, and Mikaela Shiffrin have refused to participate in a team event scheduled for the last day of Olympic competition because — as Vonn reportedly put it — there was no chance the team was going to medal.

Shifferin, Vonn, and Ligety were each dispatched to the Olympics with high hopes of achievement for the United States’s team, but aside from Shifferin’s single gold medal in the first women’s giant slalom event, the three skiers have had difficulty rising above fifth place. Both Vonn and Ligety performed well below expectations in their events.

Shifferin withdrew from the women’s downhill early Monday morning, claiming that she needed the time to focus on the women’s combined event instead, set to take place Thursday, after a disappointing loss in an earlier Alpine contest.

The Olympic team event was supposed to be the penultimate Alpine ski event at the Olympic games, with 16 teams competing in a “knock-out”-style elimination challenge across skiing disciplines. The purpose of the event, the IOC said, was to take what is generally an individual-focused sport and encourage cooperative participation among members of the same country’s team.

But it turns out, not everyone wants to be a team player. Shifferin was the first to pull out. Ligety pulled out after learning that Shifferin wouldn’t be competing. And then faced with being part of a team of much younger skiers who weren’t as likely to medal as the U.S. stars, Vonn pulled out on Monday, claiming she had no interest in a competition that didn’t yield a “strong chance to win a medal,” the Daily Mail reported.

Twitter let them have it, calling Vonn and friends “spoiled brats”

“These athletes are so into themselves, who the hell cares if the likes of Vonn races or not. Spoiled brats,” one Twitter user wrote.

‘@lindseyvonn giving up opportunity to represent USA just because you don’t have a “strong chance of winning a medal”. BAD SPORTSMANSHIP!!!!! Hope a lesser known skier beats u in downhill,” said another.

Vonn is, of course, already in trouble over a series of anti-Trump comments made before and during the Olympic games. And while Shifferin hasn’t made trouble for the U.S. Olympic team, her boyfriend, French skier Mathieu Faivre, was sent home from the games by his own team for un-sportsman-like conduct.

Other top skiers will not compete in the event, but because they are in contention for a World Cup title just four days after the Olympics close out. Those athletes, including top Austrian skier, Marcel Hirscher, however, were clear about their scheduling needs well before stepping foot on Olympic snow.

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