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Spike Lee: America Is World’s ‘Most Violent Country’; Chuck Todd Agrees

By  Robert Kraychik

Joining MSNBC’s Chuck Todd for an interview that aired on Sunday, Spike Lee openly stated that his new film Chi-Raq is primarily pushing a message to further erode Second Amendment protections of the right to keep and bear and arms. Lee also praised the neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter movement, exaggerated “gun violence” statistics, and hyped the prevalence of sexual predation on college and university campuses. He did so while adorned with the red, black, and green colors of Pan-Africanist black racial nationalist movements.

“I want people to think about guns, that’s the takeaway from this film,” Lee said, responding to a question from Todd inquiring about the film’s political messaging.

“Chicago is America’s biggest segregated city. I think that has to do a lot with it, and people are just thrown to one side of town and left to their own device,” said Lee, seemingly alluding to and endorsing President Barack Obama’s designs of government-mandated racial “diversification” of wealthy neighborhoods. The are “two different Chicagos,” Lee added, channeling John Edwards’s “Two Americas” paradigm. In 2014, Lee derided racial “diversification” of certain neighborhoods in New York City, where gentrification came along with higher numbers of whites moving in.

Asking Lee to opine on Chicago’s politics as they relate to the city’s problems with criminal violence, Todd described Jesse Jackson and his Rainbow Coalition as part of the city’s “robust African-American leadership.” Little mention was made of the city’s decades of being under Democratic local control, currently headed by Obama’s former Chief of Staff and Clinton-insider Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Although the overwhelming majority of black victims of homicide are murdered by other blacks, Lee implied otherwise. “It’s not always policeman. It wasn’t a (white) cop that executed Tyshawn Lee,” said Lee, acknowledging that not all black victims of homicide are murdered by white supremacist police officers. “The complexion or color of the trigger finger doesn’t matter to me,” added Lee.

Lee commended left-wing Roman Catholic priest and political agitator Michael Pfleger. A Chicago-based operative who campaigns against the Second Amendment, Pfleger has coordinated political events with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Jeremiah Wright. Lee described Pfleger as the film’s “spiritual adviser.”

On the Black Lives Matter movement, Lee said, “They’re doing a great job.”

Repeating the misleading statistic pushed by the left-wing “gun control” political project of billionaire Democrat Michael Bloomberg, Lee lamented that 88 Americans per day were killed by “gun violence.” What Lee and Everytown For Gun Safety omit is the share of these deaths attributable to suicide and justifiable homicide – about half.

Proving the political-media-celebrity exploitation of Michael Brown’s death to push left-wing narratives, Lee recalled that he had brought his son to Brown’s funeral. He secured front row seats for the event, bringing his star power to the faux martyr.

“We’re the most violent country on the planet,” Lee concluded, rhetorically asking Todd if he could possibly disagree.

“Not right now,” Todd replied, accepting the premise that America is the world’s most violent country.

Todd presents himself as an objective journalist in his role as moderator of MSNBC’s flagship Sunday show.

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