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Spain Has Novel Idea For Plunging Birth Rate: First Minister Of Sex

Apparently Latin lovers ain’t what they used to be.

As a result, Edelmira Barreira has been given an unusual job by the Spanish government: to become the country’s first Minister of Sex.

Last year, for the first time, Spain’s deaths outnmbered its births. According to The Sun, experts claim the reasons for the decline in births are three: working long hours, eating late at night, and going to bed after midnight. In addition, youth unemployment rose to 48% in 2015, second only to Greece in Europe.

Spanish women, on average, are the oldest women in Europe by the time they begin having children – aged 32. Spanish women have 1.3 children on average.

The Institute for Family Policies blamed the economic crisis; Spain’s education ministry said the declining birth-rate “aggravates other economic imbalances and generates important impacts in the Welfare State,” according to the Spanish newspaper ABC.

Barreira will be tasked with creating a national strategy to rectify the situation.

Spain is not alone; in 2016, Italy initiated “Fertility Day”; Sweden and Denmark have been attempting to encourage more sex.