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Somebody Kept Driving Over This Trump Supporter’s Sign. The Trump Supporter Got Revenge. It’s Awesome.

This Detroit, Michigan woman’s tweet will be your feel-good-moment of the day…

Twitterer @TallahForTrump was tired of her Trump/Pence yard-signs being run over by the “tolerant” and “diversity-loving” liberals who passed by, so she decided to teach them a sorely-deserved lesson. Tallah attached over 30 nails facing upward to the base of one of her three signs so when an unsuspecting “peaceful” Leftist made a bee-line for them, at least one side of their car would need new tires. LOL!

These close-up picks, including a nice shot of the despondent couple fixing their tires, will make you grin from ear to ear:

David Burge, aka IowaHawk, sums it well:

A few exit thoughts from Tallah: