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SO SAD: ‘Journalists’ Actually Investigate Whether Sarah Sanders Made Pecan Pie

Just when you think the media can’t do anything to sink any lower than they already have, they somehow find a way to hit a new rock bottom.

This time the plunge into the muck was led by April Ryan, a reporter for the American Urban Radio Network. Ryan has been stationed at the White House for 20 years and fancies herself a “journalist.” In reality, though, she’s just another lapdog of the liberals, bashing all things Republican and praising Democrats’ every gesture.

The embarrassing episode began when White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders posted a photo of a pie on Twitter.

Now, because it’s OK for liberals to call conservatives liars whenever they want, Ryan did exactly that — called Sanders a liar.

See, Ryan thinks Sanders is such a liar — and stupid, too — that she’d just do a Google search, find a picture of a pie and post it with the claim that she cooked it from scratch.

And to make sure everyone knew she was dead serious, Ryan tweeted that she wasn’t kidding around.

Ryan’s followers followed her lead.

Then Victoria Namkung, who says on her Twitter page she’s had bylines in the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post, tweeted this: “Our press secretary stole an image from @PBS and passed it off as her own. WTF.”

Of course, #piegate then trended on Twitter, throughout Thanksgiving Day and on Friday as well.

So Sanders responded with a nice message to Ryan.

The “journalist” wrote back:



Get it? Sanders may poison the pie to kill all journalists — or as many as she can.

But many on Twitter took exception to Ryan’s accusation that the White House spokesman is a liar.

Yes, America, this is the state of “journalism” today. And you wonder why President Trump calls them “fake news.”

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