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SNL Mocks Christians : ‘God’s A Boob Man’

This week’s Saturday Night Live episode took a swing at mocking Christians who’ve taken a stand against the government forcing them to go against their religious beliefs. Click above for SNL’s parody trailer of the film, God’s Not Dead 2.

In the video, cast member Vanessa Bayer plays a “small town baker without a care” named Beth who doesn’t want to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple.

Beth then gets sued by the couple, whose ACLU lawyer tells her, “You’re in a lot of trouble, Beth. My clients just need you to say three simple words: God. Is. Gay.”

The cuts progress showing Beth in court failing to prove that God is straight until she get’s help from the governor of an unnamed southern state after she tells him, “I want to deny basic goods and services to gay people.”

It all culminates with Beth standing up in court proclaiming at the top of her lungs, “God is A BOOB MAN!!!!,” which is also the title of the film.

Later in the show, SNL did a sketch mocking Jewish bakers refusing to make neo-Nazi cakes, black bakers refusing to make KKK cookies, and fundamental Islamic bakers refusing to make anything associated with the state of Israel or let their women drive, vote, or be seen in public. (No they didn’t.)

They did, however, take a jab at Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in a mock ad where he swears he’s not running for president….