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SNL Calls All ‘Real American’ Trump Voters Racists

On Saturday Night Live this week The Donald was a main target once again. The show parodied the traditional campaign ad format, but instead of leaving you feeling warm and fuzzy, they call you a Neo-Nazi racist. Click above for the clip.

The faux-mercial opens with voice-over stating that, “The media’s been saying some pretty negative things about Donald Trump, but what are real Americans saying?”

It then cuts to “real Americans” — which all happen to be white — going about their day as business people, housewives, blue collar workers, etc., touting the greatness of the real estate mogul and presidential candidate.

But then it’s revealed that they’re all Nazi, book-burning, Muslim-hating racists with their arm-bands, white hoods, and cross torching.

The Left since day one has been pushing the narrative that Trump supporters are all racists, but the point was exacerbated last week when while talking to CNN’s Jake Tapper, The Donald side-stepped a direct question about disavowing the KKK’s ex-leader David Duke. Here’s the clip:

Liberal YouTube channel “The Young Turks,” did it’s best to show Trump’s fans as hate-filled, paranoid, white supremacists by interviewing attendees of “a commemorative event hosted by advocates for the Confederate flag and the Confederate narrative of American history [that] turned into a rally for Donald Trump on the day of the Republican primary in South Carolina”…

The TYT reporter asks one of the rally supporters, “There’s an effort to ethnically cleanse white people?”

“Oh yea, certainly there is,” the man responds, adding, “There are two bills now in the legislature to demolish or remove every Confederate monument on the Statehouse grounds.”

“So that’s a threat to you being alive?” the reporter pushes back.

The man responds, “That’s a threat to the whole culture.”

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