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SJWs Wasted No Time Shredding Deceased Comic Book Legend Stan Lee

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee passed away Monday at the age of 95, after living a remarkable life, creating incredible worlds that entertained countless children and adults for decades. His passing was marked with tributes from across the political and entertainment spectrums.

But as is now customary with social justice warriors, Lee’s death became an excuse for the Left to excoriate the late comic book magnate for his perceived “sexism,” “racism,” and general lack of social-justice-y-ness.

According to journalist Ian Miles Cheong, “woke Twitter” pounced almost immediately, to remind, well, mostly each other, that, in life, Lee had been unwilling to bow to their endless demands.

Her claims of assault seem to come from a lawsuit filed last year, but the Hollywood Reporter’s own investigation seemed to find no evidence that Lee committed assault (in fact, the Hollywood Reporter allegedly uncovered a bizarre situation, almost too complicated to readily explain).

But that didn’t stop Lee’s critics from taking to Twitter to air their grievances.

“[E]verybody is quoting this saying “y’all always tweet this shit after somebody dies” we were tweeting it when he was alive too bitch! y’all just didn’t listen or care. but now that he’s dead suddenly y’all wanna stuck up for him? okay. you’re transparent,” wrote one critic who later deleted his Tweet.

“Look I don’t have time for this s**t. White people, in the big ass majority are racist. Most white famous people are disgusting. White people literally invented racism. Go suck Stan Lee’s dick if you support him so much, ok? I have better things to do like celebrate his death,” wrote another.

Most of the critical tweets have since been deleted, after Twitter users pushed back.

Lee’s critics seem to lack a basic understanding of his viewpoint, particularly when it comes to creating heroes for his comic books. Lee often cited the existence of “hatred” and “bigotry” as some of his driving forces.

One of Stan Lee’s most memorable written pieces had to do with his open repudiation of anti-Semitism, and his embrace of the Civil Rights movement.

In more modern times, yes, Lee resisted changing the gender and ethnicity of Spider-Man, but was clear that it wasn’t because he was sexist, racist, or homophobic, but because he’d written Spider-Man a specific way, and there always exists room to create new, modern superheros, who are ethnically diverse and who aren’t locked into specific relationships.

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