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SHOOTING YOURSELF TO OWN TRUMP: Professor Takes Trump Derangement Syndrome To New Level

By  Ryan Saavedra

A Las Vegas professor is facing criminal charges after he decided to protest President Donald Trump last month by shooting himself while on campus.

College of Southern Nevada (CSN) sociology professor Mark Bird is facing felony weapons charges after “discharging a gun within a prohibited structure, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and possessing a dangerous weapon on school property,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Law enforcement arrived on campus after multiple people saw Bird stumble out of a bathroom — where he allegedly shot himself in the arm with a .22-caliber handgun — before collapsing on the ground.

Authorities found $100 taped to the mirror inside the bathroom with a note that reportedly said, “For the janitor.”

The Journal noted that the police report states that “while waiting for authorities to arrive, Bird said he had shot himself in protest of President Donald Trump.”

Bird, who was hired by the school in 1993, was not scheduled to teach any courses this fall.

The Journal added that Bird is still employed by the college and it’s not clear if he will face any disciplinary actions.​

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