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Shocking Footage Shows Concert Goer Goading Vegas Shooter As People Duck For Cover

A YouTube video quickly making the rounds appears to show a man defiantly yelling in the direction of the rapid gunfire as his fellow concert attendees rightly duck for cover amidst the hail of bullets.

In the disturbing footage below (around the 1 minute mark), a woman can be heard saying “I don’t know what to do,” just as the camera catches an unidentified man in a black t-shirt standing with his arms fully outstretched yelling, “Come on, pu**y!” in the direction of the gunfire:

Another man can be seen in the video wearing an American flag tank top who seems to stand in confusion as the crowd huddles on the ground for cover.

Thankfully, the panicked woman heard in the video is joined by a father and son who help lead her to safety as they flee the area.

Additional footage making the rounds shows another defiant concert goer giving the Mandalay Bay gun maniac the finger as bullets rain down around him:

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As The Sun reports (video posted here):

Clutching a can of beer, the unnamed man can be seen standing up searching for the source of the gunfire — while everyone else takes cover.

The crackling noise of automatic fire can be heard but because of the echo it is unclear where it is coming from, leading to confusion about where to safely run to.

Meanwhile as the man continues to stand up and look for the shooter another person begs him to “get the f*** down.”

The man continues to scan the area until he locates the gunman’s position and then gives him the finger. He then finally ducks for cover as the next round of bullets rain down.

So far, 58 have been confirmed dead and 518 injured during the horrific event.