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SHOCKER: San Francisco Elects Radical D.A. Whose Parents Were American Terrorists
Chesa Boudin and his mother Kathy Boudin in the maximum security prison where she is serving her sentence for the killing of a Brinks guard and two police officers during a robbery by the radical group, the Weather Underground.
Photo by Ralf-Finn Hestoft/Corbis via Getty Images

On Saturday, San Francisco voters elected a new District Attorney, Chesa Boudin.

As Bronson Stocking of noted, Boudin comes by his antipathy for police quite naturally; a Yale graduate, he is the son of Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, Weather Underground terrorists who were convicted for their participation in the murder of two Nyack, New York policemen and a security guard when they helped rob a Brinks armored security car in 1981. Boudin was convicted of felony murder and released on parole in 2003. She went on to become an adjunct professor at Columbia University and the co-director and co-founder of the Center for Justice there. Gilbert was also convicted of felony murder for the incident; he is still in prison.

Stocking noted, “After his parents killed the cops, Boudin was sent to live with two other terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Dohrn declared war on the United States and was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Ayers bombed the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol building, and the New York City Police Department before he and Dohrn became fugitives and went into hiding. The pair eventually came out of hiding and settled in as university professors.”

Chesa Boudin stated last June that if he were elected district attorney he would create a unit to help illegal immigrants charged with crimes from being deported. He said, “This isn’t about trying to privilege immigrants. It’s about helping to protect our immigrant communities from being punished by the federal government for something that we’ve already punished them for.”

Boudin called the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) racist, snapping, “There are lots of situations in San Francisco where ICE is making arrests. We know it’s racist, we know it’s targeting immigrants, and unfortunately right now no one in the DA’s office has the resources or the mandate to investigate those interactions.”

Columnist Michelle Malkin wrote of Boudin:

While American veterans beg for money on San Francisco’s feces-clogged street corners, Boudin will instead subsidize “universal legal representation” for illegal immigrants facing deportation. While American angel families are denied standing in American courts to sue the sanctuary outlaws whose policies enabled criminals in this country illegally to injure, rape or murder their loved ones, Boudin will “help every single immigrant victim of every crime obtain a U-Visa.”

Bernard Goldberg, in his book “Arrogance: Rescuing America From The Media Elite,” quoted Chesa Boudin bemoaning his parents’ incarceration, complaining to The New York Times, “My parents were dedicated to fighting U.S. imperialism around the world. I’m dedicated to the same thing … I’m sad that that my parents have to suffer what they have to suffer on a daily basis, that millions of other people have to suffer as well.”

Goldberg continued, “While we hear much about Chesa Boudin’s suffering and hardships, and about the suffering and hardships of the poor around the world, neither the Times nor our Ivy-League educated Rhodes scholar tells us anything about the suffering of other children much closer to home —the nine children left behind by the policemen and the guard who were murdered, in cold blood, with the help of Chesa Boudin’s parents. On this the Times and young Mr Boudin are silent. They say not a word.”

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