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CLOWN SHOW: Joe Scarborough Quits The Republican Party

By  Joseph Curl

MSNBC host and avowed Trump hater Joe Scarborough has announced that he’s leaving the Republican Party because he’s disgusted that “time and time again it has turned a blind eye to racist Trump.”

“I am a Republican but I’m not gonna’ be a Republican anymore. I’m gonna’ become an independent,” said the former Republican congressman.

Scarborough has become a star with his non-stop tirades against President Trump, often accompanied by his “Morning Joe” co-host and love-muffin Mika Brzezinski (the pair, both married with children, divorced their spouses and are now engaged, so, you know, integrity isn’t their strong suit).

So, of course, the ratings-hungry Scarborough made his Tuesday night grandiose announcement on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert Show, thrilling the always far-left audience that pack those kinds of TV shows.

The news was so ground-shaking, so incredibly important, that “The Late Show” tweeted it out well before the show aired at 11:30 p.m.

During the show, Colbert asked Scarborough why Republicans are still supporting Trump, and the sweater-loving talk show host teed off.

“It’s inexplicable,” he said. “This is well before Donald Trump was elected president that my party betrayed their core values,” he said, leading into this oft-repeated by erroneous claim.

“In 2015, Donald Trump supported a Muslim ban, and I said I could never vote for somebody who was going to ban people based on the God they worshiped.” No, Scarborough isn’t bothered in the least by misportraying the travel ban that bars — only temporarily — entrants from seven terrorist hotbeds.

But Scarborough went on.

“Last February when he talked about David Duke and pretended that he didn’t know who he was or what the Ku Klux Klan did, you didn’t have Republicans coming out saying ‘I can never support Donald Trump because he’s racist!’ They’d have a thousand other reasons why, but they always overlooked that.”

Scarborough rambled on against his former party, his voice rising as he bashed Republicans as stupid and leaving the political world stunned.

“Time and time and time again, they turned the other way and they’re doing the same thing now. and it’s actually disgusting,” he said of his former colleagues in the GOP.

Scarborough and Brzezinski were pals with Trump during some of the campaign, with Trump appearing on the show or calling in. But when he was elected, the show went into to Trump-hater mode, and ratings have soared to new highs.

The talk show host also bashed any Republican who voted for Trump — and for continuing to support him. “You have to ask yourself how far are the Republican Party willing to go. How much of this country and our values are they willing to sell out?”

Of course, in the six months Trump has been in office, Democrats and the mainstream media (especially MSNBC) have sought to prove his collusion with Russia. They’ve failed, miserably, and a special counsel investigating the allegations is far from finished with his probe.

But Scarborough and Brzezinski are on a mission to take down Trump, who made their ongoing tiff personal with several tweets about the pair, including one that said Brzezinski was “bleeding badly” from plastic surgery.

So expect Scarborough to stick to his guns — unless his ratings start to fall, or he no longer gets invited onto late-night talk shows.

He’s a man of integrity and honor.

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