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SHOCK: Report Claims Matt Lauer Fathered Two Children With ‘Unidentified Women’ While Married

By  Emily Zanotti

A shock report emerged Monday claiming that disgraced former Today show host, Matt Lauer, has two children by “unidentified women,” both conceived during affairs he had while married to his current wife, Annette Roque.

The report is as yet unconfirmed and Lauer’s representatives emphatically denied the claims, but the gossip website Hollywood Life says that “whispers” have been swirling around NBC, with more sordid details of Lauer’s alleged activities than originally reported by Variety and others.

According to HL, Lauer “allegedly fathered two children with two unidentified women, according to an anonymous source described as an ‘NBC insider.'” The “insider” originally spoke to InTouch Weekly, another gossip publication.

The source also claims that the subject of illegitimate children has been “a much-discussed topic for years at NBC.”

Neither Hollywood Life nor InTouch are completely reliable sources, but even the already-known details of Matt Lauer’s alleged exploits are salacious and bizarre. According to Variety, which originally reported that Lauer had been conducting affairs around the NBC offices for years, Lauer frequently used his own suite for sexual exploits and had a remote lock installed on his office door to maintain his “privacy.”

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