‘She’s Not My Kid Anymore’: Father Of 10-Year-Old Trans Model Breaks Silence
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Timothy McCord, the father of 10-year-old Noella McMaher, who’s been hyped in the media as the world’s “youngest transgender model,” said this week that he has “no say” in Noella’s life.

McCord was reportedly resistant to his ex-wife Dee McMaher transitioning their young son to female, starting at age four.

“I have no say in it,” McCord told the New York Post on Wednesday, when asked about Noelle being socially transitioned and potentially undergoing surgical transition in the future. “She’s not my kid anymore.”

McCord recalled a legal nightmare after the 2016 incident with Noella’s pajamas. McMaher claimed McCord hurt Noella’s arm while trying to put the child in “boy pajamas.”

“The next day Dee called and said, you need a break from the kids because Noella has a sprain,” McCord told the Post. “Then she called back and said Noella’s arm is broken. I think you need a lawyer.”

Notably, Dee tried to have McCord convicted of a “hate crime” over the incident, but was unsuccessful.

Two years later, McCord was given probation after he pleaded down to misdemeanor child endangerment, fearing the continuing legal fight was hopeless.

He ultimately lost custody of Noella and his other son.

“I tried to get back in their lives but it ended up too contentious and stressful for everyone,” the father said.

McCord denies the accusations from his ex but relinquished his rights and allowed McMaher and her partner, who is also transgender, to adopt his children.

“I was given the opportunity to step back and let Dee’s partner adopt the kids and I did that in the hopes they would not have all the stress this was causing in their lives,” he said.

“If they have questions, I’m here,” McCord said of his children. “I’m not hard to find.”

McMaher claims Noella was aware of being transgender at age two. So, she treated and dressed Noella like a girl and apparently has plans for surgery when Noella turns 16.

“At 2 years old, she started telling us she wasn’t a boy. At 4.5, she socially transitioned and at 7 she legally transitioned,” Dee told Forbes in February.

Now, the 10-year-old has a modeling career, a social media account with thousands of followers, and a website that solicits donations to “support” Noella’s “dreams.”

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