‘She Wasn’t Afraid’: Actress Jane Seymour Talks About Dear Friend Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Extraordinary’ Spirit

Olivia Newton-John and Jane Seymour attend the 2019 Industry Dance Awards at Avalon Hollywood on August 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Rachel Luna/FilmMagic

Jane Seymour opened about her dear friend Olivia Newton-John’s “extraordinary” spirit after the actress’ death Monday at 73 following a lengthy battle with cancer. Seymour said that the “Grease” star “wasn’t afraid” of leaving this earth.

The 71-year-old actress spoke kindly about her friend and shared intimate details about their friendship of 50 years that started long before the “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman” star had her first child, Katie, in 1982, Fox News reported.

“It was pretty extraordinary and really sad because she was always the one that I would call when there were life changes happening and vice versa,” Seymour explained. “We could have really deep and wonderful conversations.”

“She was really, very full on busy and always lovely, but I remember one day when I had my first child Katie, which would’ve been, almost 41 years ago,” she added. “She was living in Malibu at the time, and she asked us to come out and visit. I gave her my baby to hold, and she just held Katie in her arms and looked at me and said, ‘How do you do it all? How do you do this?’”

Her response to Olivia, who she called Libby, was, “I don’t really know, Libby, but you know, I’m doing it. And I’m so glad. This is the greatest moment of my life, and I’m just in love with this little creature.”

Not long after, the “Two Of A Kind” star and her ex-husband Matt Lattanzi would welcome a daughter named Chloe in 1986. Olivia later married John Easterling in 2008.

“We trusted one another implicitly, and we were very similar kind of people,” Jane explained. “We both liked to work hard, but we also knew family was everything. We had a lot in common.”

At one point, Seymour said she knew her friend’s days were coming to an end, but she was amazed at how the “Xanadu” star never stopped living.

“I realized that she was a unique friend. I have friends, but not like her in my life,” Seymour shared. “I just remember so clearly our conversations and the smile on her face. And then the fact that she wasn’t afraid, I don’t think, to pass. She just didn’t want to miss out on life.”

In February, Seymour talked about getting to see the late star and thinking “this could easily be the last time I see her.”

“But I felt that before … several years before when she was incredibly frail and on a lot of pain meds and I just thought, oh my gosh, she, she was barely eating,” the actress shared. “She looked so frail. We were all surprised. She pulled it all back together again and had a quality of life again. It was amazing. She defied all the odds, really.”

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