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‘She Claims To Speak Several Languages’: ‘The View’ Questions How Many Languages Melania Trump Really Speaks
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Co-hosts shared a laugh on ABC’s “The View” at former First Lady Melania Trump’s expense. Noting that Trump has said she can speak several languages, the panel cast doubt on the Slovenian immigrant’s claim.

Stephanie Grisham worked in former President Trump’s White House in several capacities — for quite some time as Melania Trump’s spokesperson and then briefly as White House press secretary — joined the midday talk show Wednesday, and the topic turned to her former employer.


Co-host Whoopi Goldberg started off the segment by mentioning former Attorney General William Barr and his new book — in which he blames Trump for instigating the riot on January 6th — and she argued that Barr could have stopped him if he wanted to.

Goldberg also noted that Barr alleged Melania Trump was “smarter than her husband,” and she turned to Grisham for her reaction.

“She — she was really, really aware of optics, and so — she knew how to manipulate her husband,” Grisham said, adding that the former first lady had always known when to say, “Maybe we shouldn’t do that.”

“She definitely was more level-headed than he was,” Grisham continued. “I did see her many times stop him from even putting out tweets that were crazier than normal if you can imagine. I don’t know.”

“She was also a liar. She lied about her educational background, right?” Hostin claimed.

“She’s a birther,” co-host Joy Behar interjected.

“She’s a birther,” Hostin agreed, adding, “She claims to speak — she claims to speak several languages, but there isn’t —”

“And I have heard her speak a few of them,” Grisham pushed back a little bit.

“Not five though I’m sure,” Hostin insisted.

“I’ve heard her speak three of them,” Grisham confirmed.

“Plus English?” Goldberg asked.

“One of those is English?” Hostin asked, and Grisham said yes, it was.

“It’s really two foreign languages she speaks,” Behar argued.

“Ok, that’s fair, but when we would say five, we were including English if that makes sense,” Grisham added.

“So she speaks three foreign languages, ok,” Goldberg responded. “That’s two more than I do. I got to tip my hat to her, you know?”

The ladies then went on to mock her for allegedly hating to put up Christmas decorations and to criticize the way she redid the Rose Garden.

The conversation then turned to Trump’s “Be Best” initiative, which brought languages back into the conversation.

“She said, ‘Be best.’ What is she talking about when she says ‘Be best’? That’s the vaguest slogan I’ve ever heard.

“I could talk about that this whole show, but I’m not going to do that to you guys,” Grisham laughed.

“Who came up with that, anyway? Was it her?” Behar pressed.

“She did. She did,” Grisham confirmed. “She did what she does.”

Hostin suggested that she should have said something different like “do your best,” or “be the best,” but Behar interrupted.

“Maybe it was a language issue …” Behar suggested.

“She speaks three languages, Joy,” Hostin mocked.

“Five, Sunny,” Behar pushed back.

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