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Sharpton Rally Hate: Trump ‘Pimping America’s White Working Class’

President Donald Trump is “pimping America’s white working class,” said Michael Eric Dyson during Sunday’s National Action Network (NAN) March in Washington, D.C.:

I think it might be pimping here, going on today, pimping America’s white working class, making them believe you are their friend. You ain’t no friend of poor people.

NAN is headed by Al Sharpton, who Dyson described as a “moral leader of this nation,” “distinguished civil rights leader,” “incredible preacher, “remarkable instigator,” and “powerful prophet of our times.”

Dyson described Jesse Jackson as “[one of] the great prophets that God has given us.”

America is “decrepit” and “depraved,” said Dyson:

This country claims to be in the imago dei, the image of God. It’s in the decrepit depraved of a government that refuses to acknowledge of all of God’s children.

President Donald Trump’s opposition to Barack Obama, said Dyson, is rooted in racism. He also hyped black racial grievance narratives:

Let’s be real. We ain’t said much about it today, but we know part of the problem going on now is ‘cause one guy in office hated the guy who came before him. You just mad a negro was in charge.

The anti-blackness that we see manifest with lethal ferocity and troubling reality is mirrored in the fact that he just hate the fact that a black man was in charge. Smarter than you. You against immigrants coming to America that can’t speak English, what’s your excuse? Twenty-five words in your vocabulary, that’s not bigly enough.

The violence-embracing Antifa, said Dyson, are moral actors simply opposed to neo-Nazis:

There is no equivalency between neo-Nazis and Antifas, between racist and white supremacists and those who would march against them.

Political morality lies with the Left, said Dyson:

If you wanna stand still, go to the right-wing. Go to bigotry and hate. Go to the nastiness that you see. If you wanna lift yourself up, move further to the left. Embrace those whose backs are against the wall.

Dyson recently credited Antifa and Black Lives Matter with “preserving the fabric of America.”

Dyson is a sociology professor at Georgetown University. He has instructed students in courses entitled, “Hip Hop Culture: Origins/Meaning/Consequences,” “Sociology/Hip-Hop: Urban Theodicy Jay-Z,” and “Barack Obama and Race.”

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Dyson also writes op-eds for The New York Times and is an alumnus of MSNBC.

Sharpton’s NAN is a 501(c)(4) registered “social welfare” organization exempt from federal taxation.

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