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Shapiro Reports Rosie To Twitter For Targeted Harassment. Now We’ll See If Twitter Has A Double Standard Against Conservatives.

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On Friday, after Rosie O’Donnell tweeted another vulgar attack on Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro that was blunted yet again, Shapiro used the opportunity to ask Twitter why there was seemingly a double standard when it came to conservatives and leftists. Shapiro’s actions were triggered by O’Donnell’s Wednesday tweet aimed at him in which she said, “Suck my d***” and her follow-up on Thursday night, in which she grunted, “Lick me too Ben.”

Shapiro tweeted:

When he was asked how his request juxtaposed with his stance on free speech, Shapiro answered:

O’Donnell, noticing Shapiro’s request of Twitter, stuck to her monosyllabic grunting:

Prompting this Q.E.D:

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