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Shapiro Leaves Fox News Anchor Laughing So Hard He Forgets His Question

Appearing on Fox News’ America’s News Headquarters DC on Sunday morning, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro had host Leland Vittert laughing so much he couldn’t remember what question he wanted to ask.

Vittert was hosting Shapiro and Joe Lestingi, partner in The Chadderdon Group and president of Black Diamond campaigns. Vittert asked what the two men thought of the foreign policy back-and-forth between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump over the past week, with Clinton slamming Trump’s ignorance of foreign affairs and Trump ripping Clinton’s record as Secretary of State.

Vittert began: “Who wins this fight?”


Well, America loses. To call this election cycle a dumpster fire is far too cruel to dumpster fires, which at least destroy garbage rather than making them president. The problem here is that every attack that Hillary leverages against Trump on his lack of foreign policy knowledge, experience and basic common sense can be doubly true of her. He can basically reverse everything; she attacked him in that speech on his Russian policy; this is a lady who handed a reset button to the Russians and helped define a policy that handed Syrian control over to the Russians as well as Ukraine over to the Russians.

Every time she attacks Trump with regard to, for example, his policy in the Middle East on ISIS, she helped create ISIS with her Iraq and Syria policy. When she says that he can’t be trusted with the nuclear button, first of all, her own husband apparently lost the nuclear football when he was President of the United States, according to Buzz Patterson. This is the same lady who set up a private server that made America’s national security secrets vulnerable, specifically for her own personal self-aggrandizement. The problem is that only Hillary can make Trump look like a legit candidate, and only Trump can make Hillary look like a legit candidate.

After turning to Lestingi, who said the election would not be driven by foreign policy issues, opining that the election would revolve around trust and economic development. Vittert wondered whether the election would turn out to be a beauty contest as to which candidate had the best tweets and which candidate voters would like. Lestingi said it would, remarking, “We would all love the Lincoln-Douglas debates to be real, but unfortunately in today’s modern world, we are in the age of information, we get information immediately.”

Vittert turned to Shapiro, commenting, “Ben, I guess we can all keep dreaming that we are going to apply some substance and some real depth and probity to this discussion, but it seems like it’s just not there; we have, to your point, a dumpster fire.”

Shapiro’s response ultimately left Vittert laughing too hard to remember his question. Shapiro answered:

I think that what you’re looking at right now is Donald Trump is running to Hillary’s left on half of her foreign policy and she is in an uncomfortable position because the truth is that she was actually in some areas very hawkish and in some areas very dovish when she was Secretary of State. And now she is having to run to Trump’s right in a time when Bernie Sanders is running hard to her left. It puts her in a very difficult position on foreign policy, and he, no one expects him to even be mildly coherent on foreign policy; he’s so wildly all over the place; he’s throwing the kitchen sink at her.

As far as personality types, when you say there are two different types of personality, I think that’s kind to both of them; I think that Donald Trump has the personality of the drunk uncle who doesn’t drink and Hillary Clinton is more robotic than anybody in the history of presidential politics. You can almost hear the “beeps””and the “boops” emanating from her mouth every time she talks.

“I think that Donald Trump has the personality of the drunk uncle who doesn’t drink and Hillary Clinton is more robotic than anybody in the history of presidential politics. You can almost hear the “beeps” and the boops” emanating from her mouth every time she talks.”

Ben Shapiro

After Vittert and Lestingi stopped laughing, Vittert concluded,”You know, I had a very coherent point to make about foreign policy, but after that I’m laughing too hard to come up with anything meaningful to say. Gentlemen, been great having you; we’re going to have you guys back. This was a lot of fun. Where’s a fire extinguisher when you need it?”

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