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SHAPIRO: Elizabeth Warren Continues To Climb, But Can She Win?

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LAWRENCE, MA - FEBRUARY 09: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), announces her official bid for President on February 9, 2019 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Warren announced today that she was launching her 2020 presidential campaign. (Photo by Scott
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On Tuesday’s episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” the Daily Wire editor-in-chief talks about Joe Biden’s declining poll numbers and Elizabeth Warren’s growing popularity among the far-left. Video and partial transcript below: 

In the 2020 race, Joe Biden is all but dead. Elizabeth Warren has now taken a narrow lead over Joe Biden in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, according to a new Investor’s Business Daily TIPP poll. Both candidates [also] continue to lead in head-to-head matchups against Trump, although Biden has the more comfortable lead.

The poll shows Warren at 27% and Biden at 26%, but [Biden] has been sliding quickly. He is now [in second place] in the vast majority of the new polls. Bernie Sanders has completely fallen out of the race, he’s all the way down at 10% the heart attack, obviously, is not going to help. His support will probably kick over to Elizabeth Warren. Joe Biden is lagging in fundraising as well. In the third quarter, Biden raised only $15.2 million while Warren raised [around] $25 million, as did Bernie Sanders. 

The October IBD-TIPP poll found Warren edging Trump by just two points, 48 to 46 an even slimmer [lead] than her lead in September. So while Elizabeth Warren will be a competitive nominee, it is certainly no foregone conclusion that she will beat President Trump. The fact is, President Trump is an expert at dragging people through the mud. It is his thing. He is great at it.

And Elizabeth Warren is ripe for the picking, not only on the Pocahontas kind of stuff, but also because she’s kind of dishonest about her own policies. I’ve talked about this on the show. Elizabeth Warren used to be an interesting human, and now she’s a full-scale Bernie-ite progressive who refuses to answer straight questions about whether she’s going to raise your taxes. Trump should have a lot of material to work with, he really should. 

A lot of politics is about expectations versus reality. The expectations for President Trump, and the reality of President Trump, are identical nobody has expectations that have not been met. If you believe that President Trump is a godsend, then your expectations meet your reality, and if you believe that President Trump is the worst president ever, your expectations meet your reality. If you’re somewhere in the middle, your expectations meet your reality, because Trump can fulfill all those conditions for you. There is nothing hidden about the man, everything is out on the surface. 

However, if Elizabeth Warren is perceived as an anti-corruption fighter, if she is pure as the driven snow, if the hem of her skirt has never been muddied [it’s important to realize that] President Trump is a mud monster. He embraces other candidates, and they walk away covered in mud. That is what President Trump does best.

So if Elizabeth Warren is riding at 48% right now, and Trump is riding at 46% in that poll, Elizabeth Warren might actually be in some trouble. Because, again, she has not had one iota of negative press attention since that ridiculous DNA test that she took at the beginning of this year. Since then, it has been nothing but glowing reports written by her sycophants in the media who are carrying around drool cups for her. I mean, they are literally drooling into cups over Elizabeth Warren. It’s insane. 

So Joe Biden, he’s been trashed. This lends credence to all the folks who have been claiming that President Trump, and the Ukraine stuff, it’s all about taking down Joe Biden so that [Trump] can run against Elizabeth Warren. Again, I think that accidents and stupidity is a much more motivating force in human affairs than is detailed planning. But I guess, if you want to make the case, like some folks do, that Trump 4D-chessed this thing out and that he was talking with Ukraine because he knew that Ukraine was eventually going to spill its beans, and that eventually all this was going to come out and it would sink Joe Biden. I guess he could make that case. Although the reality is, of course, that Joe Biden was sliding in the polls at least a month and a half, two months ago. So the Ukraine thing is just the final nail in his political coffin. 

This new poll, by the way, shows that Warren has now displaced Sanders as the candidate of the far-left. She now has the support of 38% of self-described liberals. Among Democrats, Biden is at 14% among white voters; Warren is ahead of Biden 33 to 20. Biden is still ahead 44 to 16 among black and Hispanic voters, but that could obviously change over time. Among Democratic investors, 31% backed Elizabeth Warren versus 23% for Joe Biden. Which just goes to show you that a lot of Democrats who invest their money apparently care about their money a lot less than they care about politics. So I guess good for them; I guess they’re putting their money where their mouth is. 

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